4 ways to 'Occupy' your finances

December 13, 2011

OK, maybe marching in the streets isn't your thing. But you can still get more from your finances with these four simple moves.

Confusion over terms drives credit card complaints

December 7, 2011

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that disputes commonly result from consumers misunderstanding the way their credit cards work.

How to discuss a relative's debt crisis

December 5, 2011

Credit card debt can be a touchy issue, especially when you're discussing it with a friend or relative. Find out how to approach the conversation sensitively and effectively.

Credit card tips for holiday shopping

November 30, 2011

Retailers aren't the only ones who want you to shop. Credit card companies are aiming to get you spending with them this Christmas too.

New credit card incentives target holiday shoppers

November 16, 2011

As shopping season ramps up, banks are offering rewards to lure customers to increase their credit card spending.

How the debit card fee brouhaha may affect your credit card

November 8, 2011

Higher interest rates and higher late fees could be used to raise revenue banks are losing to debit card restrictions.

Visa, MasterCard move toward personalized online ads

November 4, 2011

Credit card companies want to use their extensive databases to create personalized profiles for advertisers. Find out how they might target you.

Will debit fees drive credit card spending?

October 12, 2011

New debit fees may raise credit card spending, but there are no guarantees those won't be regulated too.

Credit card spending jumps dramatically

September 29, 2011

Credit card debt made a comeback in the second quarter of 2011.

5 ways we've managed to whittle down our credit card balances

September 6, 2011

Despite recession, unemployment and a declining housing market, consumers are successfully paying down their credit card debt.

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