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How to Switch Banks: A Guide to Higher Rates, Free Accounts

January 10, 2017

Banks and consumer needs change all the time, which makes periodically switching banks somewhat inevitable and ultimately beneficial.

December Fed update: What latest rate hike means for bank rates

December 16, 2016

Consumers should take note of the inflation pressures behind the recent Fed rate hike.

7 things investors should know about inflation

November 29, 2016

Inflation may be an even bigger risk to investors than bear markets, so understanding inflation is essential.

3 investment risk challenges in the modern age

September 27, 2016

Low interest rates have made it more difficult to manage investment risk.

How to minimize taxes on retirement savings accounts

September 9, 2016

Having a distribution strategy from retirement plans can help you manage your tax liability to some extent.

Why millennials are at the forefront of a banking revolution

September 8, 2016

Technology is accelerating customer turnover in the banking industry with millennials leading the way.

How to deal with low bond yields: 4 alternative investments

August 8, 2016

See how to maneuver around a low yield environment that could disrupt the ability of bonds to play their traditional role in investment portfolios.

July Fed update: Is Fed too focused on past econ conditions to raise bank rates?

July 28, 2016

With no change to its rate policy despite signs that inflation is recovery, the Fed is not doing depositors any favors.

4 ways higher interest rates could benefit investors and consumers

July 20, 2016

While concerns about higher interest rates are understandable, it may be worth considering the positive sides of higher rates.

How to stop giving money away to your bank

June 14, 2016

See if you are needlessly giving money away to your bank in one of these seven ways.

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