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10 steps to a comfortable retirement

October 08, 2010

Ah, retirement -- the third stage of life when you can enjoy a hobby, travel, pursue a new interest or devote your time to volunteering. Unless you haven't saved enough.

Whether you're on the road to a comfortable retirement or your plans were wrecked on Highway 2008, you still need to continue saving. And if you're young and just starting to save for retirement, you're in the driver's seat. Whatever your situation, we have a professional-grade road map to help you.

To celebrate National Save for Retirement Week, we asked MoneyRates.com financial expert Richard Barrington and nine other financial professionals to offer their advice on a variety of topics related to retirement savings, investing and strategies.

If you're 20-something or 70-something or somewhere in between, this valuable guide will help you reach your desired destination. Here's the lineup for the two-week series:

Oct. 18: Richard Barrington, CFA, MoneyRates.com financial expert, Rochester, N.Y., on adjusting your retirement planning to today's market conditions.

Oct. 19: Mary Ann Campbell, CFP®, Ph.D., IndexCreditCards.com financial expert, professor of personal and family finance at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Ark., on the importance of retirement savings for recent college graduates and others newly entering the workforce.

Oct. 20: Rick Disharoon, CFP®, Slate, Disharoon, Parrish & Associates, Knoxville, Tenn., on making catch-up contributions when you're over 50.

Oct. 21: Russell Dunkin, CFP®, McKinley Carter Wealth Services, Wheeling, W.Va., on on avoiding major mistakes in retirement saving.

Oct. 22: Bob Glovsky, JD, LLM, CFP®, Mintz Levin Financial Advisors, Boston, Mass., on what you should do now to save more for retirement.

Oct. 25: Bob Hampton, CFP®, Impart Financial, Fort Worth, on saving for retirement versus saving for your children's education.

Oct. 26: Scott Holsopple, Smart401k.com, Overland Park, Kan., on the importance of saving for retirement in your 20s and 30s.

Oct. 27: Martin Hopkins, CFP®, Hopkins Investment Management, Annapolis, Md., on how to calculate your retirement needs.

Oct. 28: Christopher Tasik, CFP®, Tasik Financial, Stamford, Conn., on how small-business owners should save for retirement.

Oct. 29: Dan Yu, CFP®, EisnerAmper, New York, N.Y., on managing your 401(k) asset allocation.

As you continue your retirement saving efforts, MoneyRates.com can help you find the best interest rates for CDs, money market accounts and savings accounts.

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