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The best and worst reasons for retiring early April 18, 2014

Having enough money to retire early is great, but it's important to examine your motivation before you take the plunge.

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Research Center Archive

CLIP Index update: March 2014 April 14, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Last month's easing in the CLIP Index should benefit some consumers, but it may come at a price for savers and homeowners.

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How higher inflation might benefit savings accounts -- eventually April 17, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Savers don't normally cheer a rise in inflation, but rising prices may help break the economy out of its rut.

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Ask The Expert Archive

How do I track down an old savings account? April 10, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

It can be difficult to learn what happened to a long-forgotten bank account, but there are some tips that can help.

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Experts Commentary Archive

Suspended animation: The story of Q1 interest rates April 15, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

A quiet quarter for interest rates did little to help consumers, but there were some bright spots.

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Bank Deals Archive

EverBank Yield Pledge Checking Account Bonus Rate March 08, 2012

By Doresa Banning

Money Rates Columnist

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Credit Cards Archive

Burdened by tyrannical debt? Declare your independence June 26, 2013 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

If you're looking to break free from oppressive debt, Independence Day is a fitting day to start your efforts.

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Money Market Archives

Why retirement saving shouldn't always precede college saving April 16, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Conventional wisdom says you should prioritize retirement saving over college saving, but this black-and-white approach isn't right for every family.

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Savings Archives

Evaluating past performance? Don't overlook these caveats April 09, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Investment professionals love to display past returns, but there are numerous ways for them to tilt the picture in their favor.

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CD Rates Archive

8 costly investment mistakes to avoid April 02, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Investors make these mistakes all the time, but there's no reason you should.

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Mortgage Archives

When it makes sense to bet the house January 23, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Shifting your debt burden into a mortgage can save you money, but it can also put your home at risk. Learn when this approach makes sense.

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Checking Archives

Best banks 2013: Should you switch? November 12, 2013

Money Rates Columnist

MONEY Magazine has announced its top banks for 2013, but are these institutions good enough to attract your business?

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Real People Archive

Working a second job to save for retirement July 02, 2012

By Aaron Crowe

Money Rates Columnist

Could a second, part-time job be the answer to catching up on your retirement savings? Read how one man is already doing it.

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News Archive

Is Janet Yellen really a hawk? March 19, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Accusations that the new Fed chair is too hawkish may have more to do with investor self-interest than reality.

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