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6 signs you're behind the financial times July 16, 2014

It's OK if you're not an early adopter of financial technologies. But if you're still doing these six things, it's time to step into the 21st century.

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Research Center Archive

Discord with banks linked to consumers' shaky financial habits July 14, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

A new survey from suggests that if you have numerous beefs with banks, your banking habits could be playing a role.

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Blog Archive

Strong jobs report kicks off pivotal month for savers July 09, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

July will bring a series of economic announcements that could strongly influence the course of interest rates.

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Ask The Expert Archive

How should we handle a jump in mortgage payments? July 17, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Facing an eventual jump in mortgage payments is a daunting prospect, but you should use the time available to come up with a viable plan.

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Experts Commentary Archive

Buying bonds at a premium? Note these 4 things July 07, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

The higher coupons on bonds bought at a premium may look tempting, but complications can result from buying above par.

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Bank Deals Archive

EverBank Yield Pledge Checking Account Bonus Rate March 08, 2012

By Doresa Banning

Money Rates Columnist

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Credit Cards Archive

Burdened by tyrannical debt? Declare your independence June 26, 2013 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

If you're looking to break free from oppressive debt, Independence Day is a fitting day to start your efforts.

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Money Market Archives

Tuning out the noise in investing July 02, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Making sense of information is a key to successful investing -- as well as filtering out everything that isn't relevant.

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Savings Archives

A more pragmatic view of retirement planning July 09, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

When planning an exit from the workforce, the key question shouldn't be if you can do it -- it should be when.

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CD Rates Archive

5 factors that could drive interest rates higher July 16, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

It's been a long time since interest rates rose, but these pressures could be what finally pushes them upward.

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Mortgage Archives

When it makes sense to bet the house January 23, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Shifting your debt burden into a mortgage can save you money, but it can also put your home at risk. Learn when this approach makes sense.

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Checking Archives

6 reasons to rethink where you bank May 05, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Banking has changed over time, and it's likely your banking needs have too. Here's why you may want to reconsider where you're at today.

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Real People Archive

Working a second job to save for retirement July 02, 2012

By Aaron Crowe

Money Rates Columnist

Could a second, part-time job be the answer to catching up on your retirement savings? Read how one man is already doing it.

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News Archive

Brightening economic signals fail to move Fed June 18, 2014 Senior Financial Analyst, CFA

Even though the economic environment seems quite different from the last time the Fed met, it is still taking a steady-as-she-goes approach.

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