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E-Loan Auto Loan Rates

August 29, 2007

By MoneyRates Team | Money Rates Columnist

Consumers have been relunctant to do the same rate shopping for auto loans that they do with mortgages, savings accounts, and credit cards. Frequently, the financing offered by the dealer is sold with the automobile with very little comparisions. In the day and age of 0.00% financing many of the deals offered by the dealer where in fact outstanding, but those deals are few and far between. The national average on a 4-year auto loan is close to 7.00% and used car loan rates are even higher. One lender who is standing above the rest with a wide menu of auto loans and refinancing terms is E-Loan. Here are the current rates listed by E-Loan.

New Vehicle

3-years or less: 5.99%
37-month to 5-years: 6.25%
61-month to 6-years: 6.89%

Used Vehicle (Dealer)

3-years or less: 6.45%
37-month to 5-years: 6.85%
61-month to 6-years: 7.49%

Private Party Vehicle

3-years or less: 8.85%
37-month to 5-years: 9.15%
61-month to 6-years: 9.95%


All terms: 7.20%

Lease Buyout

3-years or less: 8.35%
37-month to 5-years: 8.95%
61-month to 6-years: 9.55%

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