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July May Be Pivotal Month for Savings Accounts

July 9, 2014

July will bring a series of economic announcements that could strongly influence the course of interest rates.

Inflation: A Looming Threat to Housing, Economy

June 26, 2014

Rising new home sales are the latest in a string of positive economic data, but one factor could quickly put the brakes on this trend.

Savings Accounts Get an Improved Outlook From May Job Growth

June 12, 2014

The best scenario for depositors today would be stronger growth without higher inflation, and May's job report might be a step in the right direction.

Falling Mortgage Rates May Bring New Refinance Opportunities

May 29, 2014

Mortgage rates have been trending lower, but the threat of inflation is looming in the background.

Savings Accounts Get New Hope From Job Growth

May 15, 2014

The stop-and-start recovery has held savings account rates down for years, but recent job growth could signal the start of a breakthrough for savers.

Disappointing Q1 GDP Report Dashes Hopes for Higher Bank Rates

May 6, 2014

The latest advance estimate of GDP growth is a disappointment for those hoping for higher bank rates and a stronger economy.

Rising Inflation Could Boost Savings Account Rates Down the Road

April 17, 2014

Savers don't normally cheer a rise in inflation, but rising prices may help break the economy out of its rut.

Latest Bank Stress Tests: No Reason to Stress

April 3, 2014

Despite some high-profile failures, there are several reasons why customers should be comforted by the results from the latest round of bank stress tests.

Long-Term Interest Rates Turn Flat

March 20, 2014

Last year's rise in long rates has stalled, and short rates never went anywhere to begin with.

Ukrainian Crisis Threatens Savings Accounts, Bonds and Stocks

March 6, 2014

The Ukrainian crisis could lead to slower growth and higher inflation -- a negative scenario for stocks, bonds and savings accounts.

Stock market rises despite tanking dollar

Has the Fed misjudged the economy?

January chills the outlook for savers

Bank failures drop, but remnants of crisis remain

5 keys to the 2014 economy

Strengthening economy raises hopes for higher rates

Housing market shakes off rising mortgage rates

A new chapter for the economy?

Deposit rates vs. inflation: a battle of attrition

Could the government shutdown upset the housing recovery?

Shutdowns, defaults and interest rates

Weakening inflation: a mixed omen for savings accounts

Ballooning trade deficit adds another obstacle for deposit rates

Middle East tensions menace a delicate economy

Lackluster productivity threatens the outlook for deposits

Inflation signals relax but not enough for depositors

Jobs letdown threatens to halt rising rates

Mixed economic signals leave savers in limbo

Imported from Detroit: financial fallout

Inflation threatens to press interest rates higher

Mortgage rates soar following jobs report

Where have all the good (economic) times gone?

Could rising mortgage rates derail the housing rally?

Inflation returns meekly, but still overpowers deposit rates

Tepid job growth cools the outlook for deposits

Weak manufacturing numbers: the latest setback for savers

Mortgage rates jump, but is it only the beginning?

Is the 'Goldilocks' economy coming back?

Stock market surges on -- but is it sustainable?

April jobs report: a prelude to higher rates?

A reality check on real estate

The yin and yang economy

A drop in consumer prices -- with a catch

Job growth slowdown equals disappointment for savers

Former US budget director predicts economic doom

BRICS and stones: Should an emerging alliance worry the US?

Cyprus troubles cast a shadow over deposit accounts

Job growth swims against the tide of budget cuts

Stock market high creates challenges for investors

The good, the bad and the ugly of sequestration

Savers feel the heat from rising oil prices

Mortgage and deposit rates go their separate ways

The mismatch between the stock market and the economy

What will the end of Bernanke's term mean?

Inflation exits the year with a whimper

Flickers of hope emerge for deposit rates

Why the fiscal cliff deal could lift interest rates

A winter chill settles over the economy

Inflation gives savings accounts a break -- for now

Weak job growth darkens outlook for savers

Could economic growth withstand a fiscal cliff plunge?

Fiscal cliff overshadows positive economic news

A spectator's guide to fiscal cliff negotiations

Savers get relief as oil prices drop

4 reasons Obama's second term may be different

3 truths on saving the economy

More worries for the Fed: Inflation powers through September

Does sub-8 percent unemployment mean anything?

Lowdown on the slowdown: 5 notes on weakening GDP

New housing data may signal a passing opportunity

The wrinkle in Bernanke's plan

4 possible costs of the debt-ceiling debate

Battling banks raise hopes for higher interest rates

Escaping the underwater world

The jobs paradox

Has inflation taken a summer vacation?

What to make of the latest GDP disappointment

Small news headlines reflect big economic problems

How long will the inflation holiday last?

2012: Half-full or half-empty?

Bailout fatigue takes hold

The diminishing returns of Europe's bailouts

Horror sequel: Echoes of 2008 in Europe's crisis

Job growth: A study in contrasts

Faceplant: 4 lessons from the Facebook IPO

Inflation report offers good news -- with a catch

Would you change banks for a Mercedes?

Manufacturing and exports show signs of strength

The housing market: Another false bottom?

Falling barometer: Small business conditions weaken

Stocks show a fear of judgment day

Despite fewer closures, changes in banking continue

Road rage: The truth about gasoline prices

What Chinese steel means to US savers

Will the bond market rescue savings accounts?

Stock market tumble takes interest rates with it

Are you a tax do-it-yourselfer?

Market 'milestone' more hype than substance

The Greek debt deal is not the end of the crisis

Payroll tax deal sets tone for election-year finances

New proposal may give money market accounts an edge

Now available from Amazon: Economic disappointment?

State of the Union: Good or bad for savers?

Is recent mortgage activity a win for the Fed?

What the improving health of banks means to you

New Fed forecasts: Transparency or distraction?

The downside of low mortgage rates

How 'Occupy Our Homes' threatens your mortgage

Big banks suffer credit downgrade

What does the Super Committee failure mean?

Workers plan to stay on the job until they're 80

When banks compete, could savings accounts win?

Banks launch new, subtler fees

Survey highlights financial worries for American workers

Oil prices threaten savings account rates

J.P. Morgan plan simplifies 401(k) options

Big bank executives move toward smaller banks

Reflections on Bank Transfer Day

How Greek politics affect US savings accounts

What determines the strength of a currency?

Credit union membership soars as bank customers flee

What is a clearing house?

Is Kim Kardashian running Bank of America?

Why low mortgage rates are supressing borrowing

Will Bank Transfer Day ruin credit unions?

Making Bank Transfer Day work for you

3 reasons to feel better about savings accounts

4 signs of a shrinking bank

Proposed tariff against China threatens deposit rates

Why automatic 401(k) enrollments fall short

The Volcker Rule seeks to protect savings accounts

Are you blowing your financial diet?

Were savings account rates any lower in the 1930s?

Bank of America staggers through difficult week

3 job-finding secrets: Location, location, location

Retirement accounts grow despite economic pessimism

Credit card or debit card?

Fee fury: Bank of America touches a nerve

Small banks, credit unions capitalize on big banks' fees

Can a rising dollar turn back the tide of inflation?

Should I go for a 15-year or 30-year mortgage?

Bleak economic news sends market plummeting

Pessimism may be good for savings accounts

Savings accounts look as good as gold (or better!)

Where do I start with handling a parent's finances?

How Bernanke ruined the stock market's week

Why we're socking our money away

3 safe options to CD

Study finds people think retirement would be easier without a spouse

Can Lending Club jump-start banking?

How President Obama's jobs plan may affect savings accounts

Refinancing taking up a greater portion of mortgage applications

Online banks offer new enticements for checking accounts

Bad news for jobs equals bad news for savings accounts

New cash payment service provides an alternative to plastic

4 things Mike Tyson can teach you about savings accounts

Why college freshmen should take Finances 101

Confidence is key as the President addresses Congress on jobs

Healthy lifestyles need healthy savings accounts

Inflation throws a curve at savings accounts

Investors who abandoned stocks in 2008 saw only meager returns

Debit card fee announced for Wells Fargo customers

How much is your debit card worth to you?

What you stand to lose (or gain) from changes in banking

Debt-rating reduction could raise cost of mortgages, credit cards

3 ways to supplement a meager retirement savings account

Consumers call for end to checking account mystery fees

No government solution for this economic mess

Are target date funds right for you?

U.S. debt downgrade: More symbolism than substance

Current mortgage rates, refinance rates expected to remain low

Individual 401(k) accounts may allow you to save more for retirement

Just say when: Deciding when to tap into your Social Security

Pew asks new consumer bureau to clear up banks' checking account disclosures

Savings accounts take a shot from 2nd-quarter GDP report

Finding the right bank for you

Managing checking and savings accounts: It's a family affair

The wow factor in current mortgage rates

Unhappy birthday: The Dodd-Frank Law reaches the 1-year mark

More Americans choosing retirement investments over paying their child's college tuition

Hitting the roof: Debt ceiling stalemate puts savings accounts at risk

Are ATM fees picking your pocket?

Banks scrambling to meet customers' demands for more mobile banking

Markets buckle under the weight of discouraging economic news

Banks choose an odd reward for savers

The best options for CDs when interest rates are low

3 reasons why "tail risk" investment pitches sound like tall tales

A 4th of July wish list

Wells Fargo to stop originating reverse mortgage loans

Exchange-traded funds showing up in 401(k) offerings

Petroleum reserves to boost savings account rates?

Prepaid debit cards about to get more expensive

Where are the best savings accounts? Try online.

Good news for savings accounts: Oil prices reverse course

Complexity and short memories endanger your savings accounts

Is a Greek tragedy in store for the US economy?

4 traditional CD alternatives to keep your money growing

B of A case illustrates the finer points of shopping for a checking account

Should you be trying to pay off your mortgage?

Consumers expected to see new debit card costs

Falling oil prices take some of the heat off of savings accounts

Baby boomers fearful, indecisive about retirement

SEAL Act aims to restore funds leaking from 401(k) accounts

Hard times for CD investors but safety remains attractive

6 ways attention to detail helps successful savers

If we're not saving enough for retirement, why do they want to cap contributions?

4 easy ways to fund your retirement

The "Bucket List" approach to retirement planning

A new analysis spotlights the hidden cost of Federal Reserve policies

401(k) accounts show encouraging rebound

Rising-rate CDs: Should you trade money for flexibility?

Mississippi River flooding adds to the inflation threat

Financial companies rolling out new products to help baby boomers navigate retirement planning

Oil prices ease; a sigh of relief for savings accounts?

Lower oil prices take some pressure off of savings, money market rates

Uncle Sam asking new federal benefits recipients to take direct deposit

'No change' signal from the Fed could bring change to savings accounts

Is home buying getting more difficult?

The best way to look for high savings and money market rates

The Federal Reserve meets this week under a cloud of skepticism

Cut up the country's credit card: US credit rating in jeopardy

Housing market hampering returns on real estate investments

Finding the right deal on tax preparation costs

Where to work: the best (and worst) states for making a living

Why aren't borrowers able to get help through the federal mortgage refinance program?

Japan's tragedy: What are the economic consequences for the US?

Consumers are tired of controlling their spending

Recent events abroad leave few financial options

3 questions to ask about your CD before you buy

Current mortgage rates under pressure from multiple sources

Oil and inflation: A glimpse of the future

The latest on the economy: mixed signals at home, and an overseas wild card

What to expect from savings accounts, money market accounts, and CDs as Mid-East violence escalates

Why your savings accounts aren't earning you more money

Current mortgage rates won't survive the demise of Fannie and Freddie

Turmoil in the Middle East: a double threat to depositors

Home-buying bargain hunters should look behind still-declining home prices and factor in interest rates

Banks warn of heavy fines from faulty foreclosure practices

Consumer confidence is up, but economic concerns still present

Mortgage rates reach a significant landmark

New report shows credit card fraud, identity theft down significantly

New "Saver" reverse mortgage offers lower borrowing costs

Ask the expert: Are money market accounts the best fit for emergency funds?

Casting a wider net may pay when you shop for CD, savings, and money market rates

Simple ways to calculate your retirement income needs

Ask the expert: Shifting between money market accounts and the stock market

Will the Fed fiddle while inflation burns?

Federal government lowering upfront fees for reverse mortgages

Ask the expert: Is there more to choosing a bank than meets the eye?

Attitude is everything: Savings and money market rates held back by tepid business optimism

Shock waves from Egypt reach the US

New bank fees will require consumers to be more vigilant

Ask the expert: savings accounts or money market accounts?

Why you should care about Bank of America's struggles

5 ways to maximize returns on certificates of deposit

Time to close the Fed window a little?

Ask the expert: Will checking account customers gain or lose from the Durbin Amendment?

Stocks rock; what's in it for you?

Consumers still lackluster about the economy

Ask the expert: what to focus on when shopping for a bank

Will bank profits lead to higher money market rates?

Ask the expert: Balancing an online checking account

The latest import from China: inflation

Rethinking the debit card: Will checking account rewards disappear this year?

Ask the expert: Making sense of checking account fees

Employment report brings little joy for savings, money market accounts

Peak in consumer bankruptcies means a valley for bank interest rates

Customer satisfaction with banks improves slightly

Ask the expert: When are taxes on CD interest due?

Add deficit reduction to the list of priorities waiting for improvement in employment

What to make of a dip in consumer confidence

Is the housing market taking a double dip?

Will profit motive spur deposit rates?

Ask the expert: Teaching a student about saving and banking

A winning proposal to raise savings rates: What do you think?

Mortgage rates climb

Ask the expert: When does it make sense to pay an early-withdrawal CD penalty?

Will extended unemployment benefits help or hurt the employment situation?

Ask the expert: Why are bond yields rising, and will money market rates follow?

A breakout for bond yields: A one percent rise in two months

Americans get richer in the third quarter

Checking accounts receive the gift of extended insurance from the FDIC

Does the surge in CD bonds mean better rates on the horizon?

Job creation is up: hope amid depressing unemployment news

Cyber Monday rocks; Will it move savings and money market rates?

FDIC issues further guidance on how banks handle overdrafts

Does Good News for Banks Mean Good News for Savings and Money Market Accounts?

Ask the expert: Are money market accounts a good hedge against inflation?

A sigh of relief: Oil prices take a step back (for now)

Political fallout puts the Fed in the spotlight

Ask the expert: Protecting checking accounts for elderly parents

When will savings and money market rates follow the rise in bond yields?

Ask the expert: How should I pay for the holidays?

A bond market rebellion brings hope for savings accounts, money market rates

Most say 'no thanks' to debit-card overdraft protection, poll says

Ireland is the latest cautionary tale for the US

Ask the expert: How long will my retirement savings last?

Criticism of Fed policy goes global

Why aren't Americans saving more for retirement?

Ask the expert: Are trust accounts FDIC insured?

Recent employment report has good news for deposit rates

Ask the expert: Will quantitative easing affect money market rates?

A new tool to help you take advantage of current mortgage rates

Cash-out mortgage refinancing hits a record low

Don't look now, but stock market hype is making a comeback

Driving interest rates into the ground: take two

Why didn't more economists predict the housing market collapse?

Ask the expert: Bank procedures for posting transactions

From advice to action: Using the series "10 steps to a comfortable retirement"

Foreclosure documentation scandal speaks volumes about the mechanics of the mortgage mess

Is 70 the new 65?

Ask the expert: Is gold safer than CDs and money market accounts?

A new series offers expert advice on retirement saving

How the dollar and the deficit threaten savings accounts

Surprising number of parents use retirement accounts to save for kids' college, study says

Online savings accounts and checking accounts grow in popularity

The slide in the US dollar: One of those good news/bad news jokes?

Jobs report signals more bad news for savings accounts

Online savings accounts and checking accounts grow in popularity

Corporate cash hoard represents untapped potential for the economy

How long will unemployment keep money market rates down?

Readers say family comes first

Savings accounts and employment between recession and recovery

Banks expected to make more money next year despite new limits on overdraft fees

Best 10 states for retirement -- which states will make the list?

What's the worst place you could retire to?

Bank customers choosing savings and money market accounts over CDs

Will money market rates be a victim of the Fed (again)?

President Obama's jobs program a mixed bag for savings accounts and money market rates

Do you track your checking account with your cell phone? Most consumers remain wary.

Interest rates finally show a pulse

Are savings rates building the foundation of the next recovery?

Half of bank customers choose checking account overdraft protection, American Bankers Association survey says.

News on auto loans points to more responsible consumer behavior

Savings accounts may be a victim of a flawed Fed policy

Savings accounts, Social Security, pensions, investments: Will they provide enough income for retirement?

Mortgage rates now look like the deal of a lifetime

Flicker of optimism generates little momentum for money market rates

Unemployment, underemployment and interest rates

Has the Fed Painted Itself Into a Corner?

Latest Fed action one more slap in the face for CDs, savings accounts and money market rates

Surprising number of debit card holders want checking account overdraft protection

Savings account rates weighed down by persistent unemployment

Current Mortgage Rates Spark Upturn in Housing Activity

Banks say consumers will pay the price for pending limits on checking account debit card swipe fees

Savings Accounts Strengthen as the Economy Weakens

Declining Profit Margins a New Threat to Bank Rates

Emergency savings accounts need a boost, study finds

Earnings Send Disappointing Signals for Bank Rates

Where Bank Rates Fit Into the Stimulus vs. Fiscal Discipline Debate

Will Your Retirement Savings Run Out?

Weak Consumer Sentiment a Setback for Bank Rates

Following the Chain of Events to Higher Bank Rates

Dying or Running out of Savings: Which Scares You More?

Decoding Your New Credit Card Statement

Will Bank Rates Take a Cue from Corporate Earnings?

Bank Rates May Take a Cue From Bank Earnings

Retirement Savings: More Americans Worry They Won't Have Enough

Bank Rates Look Better As Stock Market Stumbles

Is Fed Policy Backfiring?

New Debit Card Overdraft Fees: Simpler, but Still Expensive

Is Passage of Banking Reform a Slam Dunk?

Agreement on the Banking Bill: What It Means to You

Bank Rates Have Little to Hope For From Fed Meeting

Bank Rates to Rise in 2011, Bank Economists Predict

Banking Reform Now Aims to Extend Deposit Insurance

Is the Pendulum Swinging Back to Optimism?

'Frugality Fatigue': Could Higher Spending Lead to Higher Savings Rates?

Bank Rates Need More Than Wishful Thinking to Rise

Illusion vs. Reality in the Employment Market

Checking Account Overdraft Protection: Would You Pay $30 for a Latte?

Bank Rates Get a Setback from Bad Employment Report

Bank Rates May Get Tangled in Regulatory Reform

Will Your Savings Be Safe in 2014?

Ask the Expert: Translating Mortgage Rates Into Monthly Payments

Play the Savings Game on

Ask the Expert: Improving CD Rates

Falling Inflation and Interest Rates Defy Expectations

Ask the Expert: Teaser CD Rates

Mortgage Rates Drop, But Will Housing Recover?

Tremors on Wall Street May Even Reach Bank Rates

Mortgage Rates a Bright Spot in a Wild Financial Week

Making Sense of Unemployment Numbers

FDIC Warns of Bogus E-Mail

A Setback for Savings Rates

Savings Investors Are "Collateral Damage," Says Professor

Big Banks: What Are They Good For?

Low Interest Rates -- Helping the Economy, or Just Banks?

Goldman Sachs -- Arch Villain, or Scapegoat?

Law Limiting Bank Use of Derivatives Must Be Carefully Thought Out

There's Big Money in Shopping for Bank Rates

Comparing CD Rates to Rates of Return On Other Investments Can Be Tricky

Bank Earnings: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Goldman Fraud Charges Reinforce "Safe Haven" Appeal of FDIC-Insured CDs

Should Savers Root for Chase Bank to be Broken Into Itty Bitty Pieces?

Shopping for Bank Rates: Big Bank or Small Bank?

Oil Pressure: Petroleum Prices Could Squeeze Bank Rates

"Health Help" Tax Could Take a Bite Out of Higher CD Rates

A Promising Breakthrough for Bank Rates?

Bond Rates, Bank Rates, and Safe Money

Will 162,000 New Jobs Help Bank Rates?

When Demand for Bank Loans Picks Up, So Should Bank Rates

The Future of Credit Card Fees

What a Difference a Year Makes

Does Increased FDIC Insurance Ensure Low CD Rates?

Surge in Bond Yields a Hopeful Sign for CD Rates

The Next Act in the Reform Drama -- Fannie and Freddie

Planning for Old Age Part of Planning for Retirement

Confusion About Money Market Accounts and Money Market Funds

Inflation Takes a Break -- Temporarily

In Praise of Larry Kudlow

You Could Become the Face of Financial Responsibility

If You Don't Know Where You Are Going, You'll Never Get There Poll Suggests Strong Benefit to Active Retirement Planning

Bank Interest and Income Tax Rates

What Are Banks Doing With All That Deposit Money?

What's Your Priority? A Jobs Package or Deficit Reduction?

Stuck in a Rut -- the Bank Rate Blahs

Lurking Price Increases Could Spoil Higher CD Rates

Rising Oil Prices a Cause for Concern About Bank Rates

Locked-In Low Expenses Plus High Interest Checking Account: A Good Combination

More Promise for Bank Rates After February

Low Interest Rates on CDs Helping to Sell Riskier Investments

Should Senior Citizens Consider Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Consumer Confidence Delivers Body Blow to Markets -- and Bank Rates

The Latest Import from Asia: Responsible Banking?

Continuing "Credit Crunch" Could Spell Higher Bank Rates Sometime Soon

Help for Bank Rates Lies Beyond Party Politics

Are HECM Reverse Mortgages Too Cheap?

Sovereign Debt and the Paradox of Low Bank Rates

The Fed's Plan to Stop Inflation: What It Means to CD Values

Easing Debt Burdens a Hopeful Sign for Bank Rates

Why Bother With a Money Market Account?

Bank Rates Feel the Stock Market's Pain

Senior Citizens the Most Important Demographic for Bank Deposit Rates

Most Bank Rates Are On the Losing End of a Steep Yield Curve

Savings Accounts Still a Vital Part of Every Financial Plan

Hang Onto Your Bank Rates -- It Could be a Bumpy Ride for Stocks

Could Bank Rates Get a Boost from the Fed?

What Do Home Sales Have to Do With Your Savings Account?

What Can Brown Do for Bank Rates?

Moderating Inflation Offers Some Relief for Bank Rates

What Will Today's Savers Teach Their Children About CDs and Savings Accounts?

Of Bank Rates and Bonuses

President Obama's Bank Levy Program Cannot Be Good for Bank Rates

Trickle Down Theory: Would New Tax on Banks Come Out of Bank Rates?

Bloomberg vs. The Fed: What It Means for CDs, Savings Accounts, and Mortgages

Dodd's Departure a New Twist for Bank Reform

Want Higher CD Rates? Hope for Lower Unemployment

With Mutual Funds Less Popular, Banks Should Continue to Hold Plenty of Deposits

Low Mortgage Rates Could Represent a Long-Term Risk for Banks

Signals Point to Higher Bank Rates, but It May be a Rough Journey

Can Savers Save the U.S. Economy?

Hiccup in Home Prices a Setback for Bank Rates

CD Rates May Rise If Treasury Bond Demand Falls

Watching for Movement in Bank Rates

Good Economic News May Provoke Higher CD Rates

Bank Rates Could Benefit from Housing Surge -- Eventually

FDIC Builds Banking System Credibility With Bank Seizures

Was Bernanke Man of the Year for Depositors?

Citigroup to Be Revalued On Friday

It's Ba-ack! Inflation's Return Should Shake Up Bank Rates

When Banks Compete to Pay Back Bailout Funds, Will CD Rates Win?

Banking Update: Rolling Up the TARP

Low CD Rates Contributing to Stock Market, Gold Price Rise

Bank Rates Would Not Benefit from Dilution of Fed Powers

Banks Not Lending Is a Good Thing for CDs and Savings Accounts?

Jobs Report Could Be Good Medicine for Bank Rates

CDs and Wealth Preservation, and 401K Plans

A Modest Proposal: How About A Little Love for Depositors?

First Fed Move to Combat Inflation Is a Small, Symbolic One

Bank Rates May Waver As Dubai Crisis Plays Out

Bad News for Dollar Good News for Tomorrow's Bank Rates?

Bank Rates Taste Bitter Medicine in Bank Deleveraging

FDIC Insurance Fund Hurt by Bank Failures

Banking Reform Fervor Cools -- for Now

Bank Rates Need Rethinking with New Inflation Numbers

Savings Accounts, CDs, and Millionaires

Bank Rate Watchers Should Keep An Eye On This Week's Inflation Number

Will Big Banks Really Be Broken Up Into Bits and Pieces?

Market Recipe Bad for Bank Rates -- For Now

Home Sales Rise, So May CD Rates

Raising Bank Rates May Depend on a Pick-Up in Lending Activity

Fannie Mae Tax Credit Debate Indicative of Tangled Web

Bank Reform Debate Continues Even as Recovery Continues

Reverse Mortgage Scammers Being Driven Out of the Industry

Bank Rates At Risk When Stock Market Falters

Will New Bank Regulations Protect Your Savings Account? If So, How?

"Too Big To Fail" Legislative Talk Has Disturbing Overtones

CD Laddering Can Spice Up Your Investing Life

Do You Have a Plan for Your Savings Rate?

Bank Pay at Bailed-Out Banks Slashed by Half

A Delicate Balance: Regulation, Stability, and Bank Rates

Savers Appear to Be Getting a Little Bit Angry

Will Bank Rates Have to Respond to Dollar Weakness?

Bank Earnings Hugely Dependent Upon Trading

A Modest Proposal for Bank Regulation: Revisit Glass-Steagall

Reverse Mortgages and Health Care Costs

Steady Bank Rates Belie Erratic Interest Rate Environment

FDIC Pays to Milk Cows in Colorado

Renewed Attention on Savings Rates

Interest Rates Stay Low, But Australia Also Rises

The Bright Side of Savings Account Interest Rates

Is Your Savings Account "Too Big to Fail"?

Banking or Health Care: Which Is In Greater Need of Reform?

Pending Rule Will Make Bank Rates A Possible Sign of Health

Big Banks May Be Forced to Pay Extra Insurance

Mixed Message from FDIC Leaves Bank Rates Up in the Air

Increased Demand for CDs On the Horizon

What's the Right Cure for High Bank Fee Rates?

Money Market Accounts, Money Market Funds, and September 18

Strength of FDIC Fund Could Affect Bank Rates and Security

Three Reasons Why Inflation Won't Kill Your Retirement Savings

Looking for the Next Clue About the Direction of Bank Rates?

Worried About the Dollar, China Buys More Gold

An Odd Wrinkle In Mortgage Rates

One Percent Infographic an Argument for Easy

As Bank Rates Fall, Executive Compensation Rises

Bouyant Housing Market Funded by Government

Think Bank Rates Are Low Now? Imagine Negative Interest Rates!

FDIC Rolls Out Red Carpet for Private Equity (sort of)

FDIC Bad News Means What to Savings Investors

Fate of Adjustable Rate Mortgages Shows a Lesson Learned

CBO Deficit Figures Sky High, Bernanke Re-Hired by Obama

Who's Watching Your Savings Account -- Debate Over Preemption May Decide

Interest Rate Rises Only a Matter of When?

Socially Active Saving Gaining Momentum

Low Mortgage Rates Spark Uptick in Mortgage Applications

No Boost In Interest Rates, but Productivity and Inflation Reports are Good News for Depositors

One Great Way to Protect Retirement Savings: Refinance

Fed Decision Signals No Immediate Help for Savings Accounts

Mortgage and CD Rates: Opposites That Don't Attract

Mortgage Rates Hold the Line -- For Now

No Penalty CDs an Idea Whose Time Has Come

Higher Savings Rates Could Have Long-Term Benefits to the Economy

Did Bank Bailouts Hurt or Help Savers?

Rollicking Stock Market Another Reason to Favor Savings Accounts over Certificates of Deposit

CDs the Toirtose to the Stock Market Hare

Are New Savings Account Fees Driving You to Change?

Savers, It Seems, Have Saved the Banks

Current Mortgage Rates May Represent a Fleeting Opportunity

Time to Get Back Into Stocks?

There's More to Deposit Accounts than Interest Rates

Bernanke Gives Congress the Scoop--and Fair Warning

Higher Interest Rates are a Good News/Bad News Story for Deposit Accounts

June Inflation Number Adds a Wrinkle for Interest Rates Watchers

Reverse Mortgage Statistics Show Widening Appeal

Low Capacity Utilization Signals Continued Low Interest Rates

Get the Best Rates, But Watch Out for Fees, Too

Interest Rates and the Inflation/Deflation Debate

Worry Meter Tilts Toward Deflation

Housing Still a Good Bargain -- For the Long Term

Banks Making Money Trading, Losing Money on Credit Cards

Strong Treasury Auction Good for Mortgages, Not So Good for Savings Accounts

Protect Retirement Savings by Expecting the Unexpected

Time to Start "Going Long" on Certificates of Deposit?

Could Shift In Fed Policy Boost Bank Interest Rates

Savings Accounts a Good Option With No Clear Sweet Spot for CDs

Hiccup In Stocks Also Bad News for Interest Rates

Proposed Financial Reforms -- What They Could Mean for Interest Rates and You

Higher Savings Rates Boost Bank Health

Ben Bernanke Wrestles with Congress and Interest Rates

Bankers versus Savers

What Interest Rate Shoppers Should Watch About Inflation

Black Swans and Savings Rates

Yield Curve Action May Signal Time for a New Interest Rate Strategy

Multiple Signs Point to Increased CD Rate Volatility

Do You Have What it Takes to Earn 5% on Your Checking Account?

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Thoughts on Extending FDIC Insurance Coverage

Credit Card Reform Passes Congress with a Surprise Amendment

Thinking Ahead: Inside the Inflation Numbers

Don't Forget IRS is Waiving Mandatory IRA Distributions for 2009

As CD Rates Get Lower, the Reward for Shopping Around Gets Greater

Will We Get Stress Tests from our Lenders?

Rising Treasury Rates -- the Shape of Things to Come for Bank Rates?

Are 0% Intro-APR Credit Cards a Form of Savings?

Free Advice -- For What It's Worth

Taking the Stress out of the Stress Test

A New Type of Savings Account with Higher Rates

Redefining "Local Bank"

Obama and Interest Rates

Housing Figures the Latest Data to Put Perspectives on Interest Rates

When Will Inflation Expectations Lift CD Rates?

Re-thinking the Income Component of Your Portfolio

Short-Term Adjustable Mortgage Rates Now Higher Than 30-Year Fixed Rates

Rates on U.S. Savings Bonds Set to Go Down

CD Rates: And You Thought This Was Low....

Small Ball -- Building Your Savings One Step At A Time

Preventing a Last-Second Tax Disaster

FDIC Insurance Hike Could Put More Downward Pressure on CD Rates

Managing Your Cash: Don't Pay for Parking

Save Your Business Money By Depositing Checks Online

Deposit Your Tax Refund Directly to Your Savings or Checking Account

Take the Survey

Online Banking and Linking External Accounts

Lower Interest Rates Make Reverse Mortgages More Attractive

Where are the Banks Offering Inflation-Linked Deposits?

Should Parents Worry About Prepaid College Savings Plans?

Huge Tax Credit Proposed For Homebuyers

Access To New Mortgage Plans Not For Everyone

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Why Tax-Exempt Investments Are No Longer So Exciting

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GE Interest Plus Notes Yielding 5.43%

Mortgage Lender's Stocks Ripped by Subprime Exposure

Short Term U.S. Treasury Yields Fall Crazily

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