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Dying or Running out of Savings: Which Scares You More?

July 13, 2010

Sure, death is scary. But even more frightening to most Baby Boomers is the prospect of running out of money. Roughly six in 10 people said they feared outliving their income more than dying, according to a new survey by Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America, which polled 3,200 people in May ranging in [...]

'Frugality Fatigue': Could Higher Spending Lead to Higher Savings Rates?

June 15, 2010

In releasing its latest poll on consumer spending, Gallup coined a new syndrome with which most of us can relate: "frugality fatigue." Who, after all, hasn't grown tired of clipping coupons, putting off big purchases and saving every spare dime, only to find savings rates at minuscule levels during the recession? Unfortunately, the rich apparently [...]

Money Fund Yields

January 30, 2009

The money fund industry witnessed one of its biggest challenges ever last September when the Reserve Fund dropped their net asset value below $1 after absorbing losses on securities issued by Lehman Brothers. Heavy redemptions and worries about other high-profile funds brought money funds to the front pages of newspapers for perhaps the first time [...]

Warren Buffett Calls President Obama Right Commander for Economic Pearl Harbor

January 20, 2009

President Obama has the friendship and counsel of value investor Warren Buffett who endorsed Obama early in the presidential campaign and is expected to remain active in giving the President's economic team advice.Buffett, who through his company Berkshire Hathaway has investment in insurance companies, furniture companies, and large stakes in Coca-Cola and Wells Fargo Bank, [...]

Mutual Fund Money Market Yields and Holdings

November 24, 2008

A mutual fund money market is supposed to be a simple investment with a stable $1 share price with seemingly little differentiation between various funds. September 2008 showed that line of thought was a fallacy as several funds with heavy exposure to Lehman Brothers paper suffered losses significant enought to push their net asset value [...]

Savings Bonds Which Have Stopped Earning Interest

November 12, 2008

The Treasury Department announced earlier this month the new rates for savings bonds. Purchasers of the Series I savings bond will earn a fixed rate of 0.70% and an inflation-adjusted rate of 4.92%. The inflation-adjustment is reset every six months. New buyers of the Series EE bonds will earn a rate of 1.30, while current [...]

Treasury Department Releases New Rates on Series I and Series EE Savings Bonds

November 6, 2008

The Treasury Department has released the new semi-annual rate adjustments on their Series I inflation bonds and the fixed-rate Series EE bonds. The Series I bond, which pays a fixed component and an inflation-indexed component, is set to pay an earnings rate of 5.64% for the next six months and purchasers of the Series EE [...]

Will the Fed Drop Rates?

October 28, 2008

A majority of economists are predicting at least another quarter point drop in interest rates will be announced by the Fed tomorrow with an outside chance of a half point decrease. Recent economic releases which have highlighted just how sluggish the U.S. economy has become have bolstered the ability of the Fed to aggressively lower [...]

Fidelity, Vanguard, and T. Rowe Price Join Treasury Department's Money Fund Insurance Program

October 13, 2008

Three of the largest mutual fund money market management companies have joined the long list of companies opting to participate in the Treasury Department's emergency insurance program for money funds. Fidelity Investments, T.Rowe Price, and Vanguard, who combined hold an estimated $1 trillion in money market funds, all have officially signed up for the program [...]

Global Stock Markets Rapidly Declining

October 6, 2008

The stock market in the United States as measured by the Dow Jones Industrial average has fallen below the psychological threshold of 10,000 inter-day. Today's global markets are also down in what could be one of the largest single days global loss of wealth in history:Dow Jones Industrial Average -4.1%NASDAQ -5.4%S&P 500 -4.8%London -7.3%Paris -9.0%Frankfurt [...]
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