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A new tool to help you take advantage of current mortgage rates

November 3, 2010

A new refinance calculator makes it easier to compare the costs of different refinancing options

Foreclosure documentation scandal speaks volumes about the mechanics of the mortgage mess

October 20, 2010

Find out how sloppy bank foreclosure procedures might prolong the housing slump, despite current mortgage rates reaching record lows.

Corporate cash hoard represents untapped potential for the economy

October 4, 2010

Read why Federal Reserve policy may be backfiring, as corporations hoard cash rather than spend it.

Steady Bank Rates Belie Erratic Interest Rate Environment

October 12, 2009

Savings account interest rates have been stuck in a rut, languishing at around the 1.50% level. This lack of action would make you think there was nothing going on with interest rates, if not for the erratic behavior of Treasury yields over the past week. 10-year Treasury yields slid to their lowest level in nearly five [...]

Renewed Attention on Savings Rates

October 7, 2009

National Save for Retirement Week starts October 18th, and it is a good reminder for Americans to take more personal responsibility for their savings rates. Underlying many of the hard-luck stories from the recent financial crisis is a consistent theme: too many people exposed themselves to possible setbacks by not building up enough of a savings [...]

Pending Rule Will Make Bank Rates A Possible Sign of Health

September 28, 2009

Banks offering high interest rates on savings accounts, CDs, and other deposits are attractive to savvy bank shoppers anyway, but a pending FDIC rule could make them even more appealing. Effective January 1, 2010, the FDIC will put a cap on bank rates offered by institutions categorized as "less than well capitalized." The new rule addresses [...]

An Odd Wrinkle In Mortgage Rates

September 9, 2009

One of the reasons that exists is that the market for bank rates -- including deposit account interest and mortgage rates -- is far from efficient. Everyone may talk about interest rates going up and down as if they all moved uniformly, but as you can see every day on, different banks offer [...]