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Do You Have a Plan for Your Savings Rate?

October 26, 2009

When a recent poll by and showed that 52% of respondents felt their retirement savings were not on track, it wasn't a complete surprise. This has been a challenging environment. A weak job market has caused many household incomes to take a hit. The stock market has been little help to investors for [...]

A Modest Proposal for Bank Regulation: Revisit Glass-Steagall

October 14, 2009

A year after the banking crisis, politicians continue to posture for public consumption about imposing new regulations on the banks. So far though, congress has been more talk than action when it comes to fixing the banking system, and even that talk has merely nibbled around the edges of the problem. Congress has taken the populist [...]

Renewed Attention on Savings Rates

October 7, 2009

National Save for Retirement Week starts October 18th, and it is a good reminder for Americans to take more personal responsibility for their savings rates. Underlying many of the hard-luck stories from the recent financial crisis is a consistent theme: too many people exposed themselves to possible setbacks by not building up enough of a savings [...]

FDIC Rolls Out Red Carpet for Private Equity (sort of)

August 31, 2009

The FDIC recently loosened the rules for private equity investments in banks. In the near term, this shouldn't cause so much as a ripple of reaction from depositors -- people don't generally think about who owns their banks, they just want to know that their money is safe and how to get the best savings [...]