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Renewed Attention on Savings Rates

October 7, 2009

National Save for Retirement Week starts October 18th, and it is a good reminder for Americans to take more personal responsibility for their savings rates. Underlying many of the hard-luck stories from the recent financial crisis is a consistent theme: too many people exposed themselves to possible setbacks by not building up enough of a savings [...]

Strength of FDIC Fund Could Affect Bank Rates and Security

September 16, 2009

It has been widely reported that the FDIC's deposit insurance fund has been rapidly declining, raising concerns that it might require special funding soon to support the growing number of banks classified as troubled. In response, the FDIC has publicly clarified its accounting to show that the fund is not actually declining nearly as rapidly [...]

Black Swans and Savings Rates

June 1, 2009

Sometimes scientists are confounded. Take the black swans for example. When they were discovered in Western Australia it was considered an impossibility. One day there was no such thing as black swans and the next day there they were. Today the term "black swans" refers to major unpredicted events. September 11, 2001 is an example. [...]

Rates on U.S. Savings Bonds Set to Go Down

April 22, 2009

The Treasury Department is scheduled to reset rates on the Series EE Savings Bond and the Series I Inflation Bond on May 1. It is safe to say that the new rates are not likely to generate a lot of interest from rate-savvy investors. That's because short-term interest rates and inflation are low right now, [...]


June 15, 2007

Independent 529 plans offer parents the chance to pay for college in the future at today's price which can lead to large discounts on future costs. The program co-sponsored between Independent 529 plan and TIAA-CREF allows allows you to prepay tuition today that your child can use later at any participating college. This program protects [...]
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