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Infographic: Avoiding money problems in relationships

by MoneyRates Team
Money Rates Columnist
December 05, 2012

Money is a common source of friction in relationships, particularly in difficult financial times. When left untreated, money problems may damage the trust and understanding necessary to a healthy relationship. In some cases, financial disagreements may even lead to a break-up or divorce.

This MoneyRates.com infographic looks at the ways money issues can threaten relationships and offers possible fixes for couples who struggle with financial discord.

Avoiding money problems in relationships

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Joseph Props

28 January 2013 at 6:14 am

Now you know how men feel about tghe ads on TV for laundry soap and such that always shows the man being the slob. You should have been to my house a few years nago. My wife (Now ex) was a total slob from Hell

Jennifer Drower

15 January 2013 at 8:13 pm

Although this article contains interesting and helpful information, it's troubling that the two most prominent images depict/promote (?) the stereotype that the woman is the problem; the one who overspends, is not interested in creating a budget, etc. and the man is the one with the power, yelling at his wife who turns away shamed, or tries to go over their finances while the woman appears bored and refuses. I'm not sure what the authors intent is, but it's pretty hard to get past, "Avoiding money problems ('problems' being in red) in relationships," and the first image is of the yelling man with the woman turning away in shame. Sends a disturbing message.

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