Advanced Investment Strategies for Checking

6 reasons to rethink where you bank

Richard Barrington

Banking has changed over time, and it's likely your banking needs have too. Here's why you may want to reconsider where you're at today.

Best banks 2013: Should you switch?

Ollie Geiger

MONEY Magazine has announced its top banks for 2013, but are these institutions good enough to attract your business?

4 signs of money immaturity in teens

Naomi Mannino

If your son or daughter displays these signs, some remedial financial education may be in order -- fast.

Walmart's Bluebird card: Has checking met its match?

Richard Barrington

Walmart's Bluebird prepaid debit card is a very competitive product, but there are some inherent drawbacks to using any prepaid card.

Why one bank is switching to a single overdraft fee

Jim Sloan

Bank's move could spur other banks to drop the charges that can lead to a "train wreck" of multiple overdrafts.

5 simple ways to build a rainy day fund

Jim Sloan

Although many Americans are having trouble making ends meet, here are some ways to save money and keep it safe for when you need it.

6 websites that can help you reach your savings goals

Jim Sloan

Managing your finances and increasing your savings is made easier and entertaining with these websites.

Banks roll out a new onslaught of checking account fees

Jim Sloan

With bank fees on the rise, customers can avoid the fees by following a few basic requirements, such as maintaining minimum balances and having direct deposit into your account. 

Why banks want your business

Jim Sloan

Banks and brokerage firms are using special incentives in order to bring in more customers with multiple accounts.

Jumbo yields on reward checking accounts

MoneyRates Team

Learn how much some customers are earning from their checking accounts with these jumbo APY calculations from MoneyRates.com.

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