Advanced Investment Strategies for Checking

6 websites that can help you reach your savings goals

Jim Sloan

Managing your finances and increasing your savings is made easier and entertaining with these websites.

Banks roll out a new onslaught of checking account fees

Jim Sloan

With bank fees on the rise, customers can avoid the fees by following a few basic requirements, such as maintaining minimum balances and having direct deposit into your account. 

Why banks want your business

Jim Sloan

Banks and brokerage firms are using special incentives in order to bring in more customers with multiple accounts.

Jumbo yields on reward checking accounts

MoneyRates Team

Learn how much some customers are earning from their checking accounts with these jumbo APY calculations from MoneyRates.com.

5 ways to make balancing your checkbook easier

Barbara Marquand
If reconciling your checkbook is a monthly nightmare, then take advantage of some of your bank's nifty technology to make the task easier.

Is your checking account fully insured? 3 steps to make sure your money is safe

Barbara Marquand

The FDIC insurance limit is now permanently set at $250,000. Understand how the limit applies to your deposits.

5 ways to save money with your checking account

Barbara Marquand
With banks adding fees here and there, it's harder, but not impossible, to minimize what you pay for checking account services.

Checking account debit card safety:10 tips

Barbara Marquand

Follow these ten tips to keep your savings and checking accounts safe.

4 ways to avoid trouble with checking account auto bill pay

Barbara Marquand
Make sure you trust a company before handing over your checking account information for automatic bill payment.

5 checking account mistakes to beware

Barbara Marquand
Manage your checking account well to avoid expensive mistakes and annoying hassles.
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