Advanced Investment Strategies for Checking

New Checking Account Overdraft Rules: 6 Things You Should Know

Barbara Marquand
Federal Reserve rules for checking account overdraft fees are going into effect throughout summer 2010. Here's what you need to know.

What to do if You're Turned Down for a Checking Account

Barbara Marquand
Account errors, or real mistakes? Find out how to deal with both--and how to get financial institutions back on your side.

Using Your Cell Phone Camera To Deposit Checks

Barbara Marquand
Banks are already deploying technology that lets you use your cell phone to deposit checks into your checking account.

60-Second Guide to Managing a Joint Checking Account

Barbara Marquand
A joint checking account can be a bit tricky to manage, but it doesn't have to tear the two of you apart.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Closing a Checking Account

Barbara Marquand
Want to switch banks? Go ahead and open an account at the new bank, but give yourself a few weeks to close your checking account at the old bank.

How Banks Share Your Checking Account History

Barbara Marquand

Most people know that their credit card behavior is logged on a credit report. However, a similar information network lets financial institutions check how consumers have handled past deposit accounts.

Is a Green Checking Account Right for You?

Barbara Marquand
Some banks are marketing green checking accounts. What makes checking accounts "green," and why are financial institutions offering them?

Don't Let Thieves Drain Your Checking Account

Barbara Marquand
Thieves are stealing money from bank accounts all over the country by attaching phony card readers to ATMs, gas pumps, and other places where customers swipe their debit and credit cards.

Five Changes You'll See In Checking Accounts in 2010

Barbara Marquand

With banks scrambling to make up for lost revenue, you can expect them to clammer for your checking account business, offer new types of accounts and charge more fees.

Check-less Checking Accounts: The Wave of the Future?

Andrew Freiburghouse

British banks played an important role in creating checking accounts more than 300 years ago. Now, British banks are looking to lead the way to completely electronic checking accounts, with no paper checks involved.

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