Advanced Investment Strategies for Checking

How to Choose a Checking Account: Five Questions to Ask

Andrew Freiburghouse

Opening a checking account is not necessarily as simple as it might seem. There are enough choices offered that consumers may be unsure about what kind of checking account to choose. Here's a handy five-question guide to making that decision.

End of FDIC "TAG" Program Shows Dilemma for Smaller Banks

Andrew Freiburghouse

Checking accounts that don't pay interest are guaranteed by the FDIC regardless of the amount deposited. This will change at the end of the year. Will that hurt smaller banks?

No Credit Check Checking Accounts

Andrew Freiburghouse

You can get a checking account without undergoing a credit check. Here are some tips for finding a no credit check checking account.

Do Checking Interest Rates Pay Better Than Savings Account Interest Rates?

Andrew Freiburghouse

Contrary to what would seem logical, many checking accounts now pay deposit holders better interest rates than comparable savings accounts. How and why?

China, U.S. Spending Habits, and Checking Accounts

Andrew Freiburghouse
As China increasingly wonders about putting more billions into the U.S. financial system, checking account holders should remain aware of the impact that Chinese investments has on the U.S. banking system.

Banks Are Offering Perks to New Checking Account Customers

Andrew Freiburghouse

Remember when banks used to give you a new toaster oven when you opened up a checking account? These days, banks are giving out better gifts, including cold hard cash, to new customers.

Checking Accounts Offer Unsurpassed, Very Valuable Liquidity

Andrew Freiburghouse

Keeping large amounts of money in a checking account may not earn you high interest rates. But the importance of liquidity is not to be underestimated.

Checking Account Interest Rates: Going Up Anytime Soon?

Andrew Freiburghouse

Mortgage rates have risen dramatically, but interest rates paid on checking accounts have not necessarily followed suit. What's going on here and when might this dynamic change?

Banks Giving Away Free Cash: Bank Promotions and More

Clark Schultz

Online bank deals today include banks that will pay sign-up bonus for opening a new checking account or savings account.

Five Tips for Keeping Your Checking Account Safe

Richard Barrington

We live in an express-line society: we want money, goods, and services to be quickly and easily accessible. Conveniences like debit cards and online accounts can seem like the lifelines which make this all possible, but they can also come at a price. You need to protect yourself--and your checking account--by knowing some of the realities of identity theft and bank fees.

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