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Where do your finances stand this holiday shopping season?

November 10, 2017

Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a good time to look at your finances; see how you can tell which elements of those finances are blessings and which are turkeys.

Is weakening job growth behind Fed's decision to not raise bank rates?

November 7, 2017

The Fed's latest statement dismisses recent negative economic trends as being due to the harsh hurricane season, but their inaction on rates speaks louder than words.

Underbanked? How to Find the Best Bank Account for You

October 11, 2017

Find out why millions of Americans do not have a bank account, how this is costing them, and what they can do about it.

Hurricanes 2017: Did Hurricanes Harvey and Irma lead to Fed's rate hike delay?

September 21, 2017

Fallout from recent hurricanes seems to include delaying a Fed rate hike, though consumers may want to protect against rising inflation by shopping for bank rates.

Deposit Customers Should Move More Quickly Than the Fed

July 26, 2017

The Fed continues to show extreme caution in raising rates, but consumers can take more decisive action now.

Fed's Push May Hurt Mortgages More Than it Helps Bank Rates

June 14, 2017

The Fed's push to return to normal, despite flagging economic numbers, could be a no-win move for consumers.

May Fed update: Consumers should look beyond Fed for higher bank rates

May 9, 2017

As the Fed goes slow on rate hikes, consumers need a more direct way to find higher bank rates.

March Fed update: Fed hike to raise bank rates for mortgages, savings

March 15, 2017

The Fed rate increase was largely driven by rising inflation, which could have broader implications for mortgages and savings account rates.

5 Unexpected Investment Lessons From A Baseball Legend

March 10, 2017

See how baseball legend's Yogi Berra could teach investors surprising investment lessons.

Investing 101 Quiz: Savings, Stocks, Retirement and More

February 16, 2017

This basic quiz can tell you whether you have an adequate understanding of investment fundamentals.

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