Ask The Expert

Savings accounts for a non-profit?

Richard Barrington

Some formal procedures are helpful when handling money on behalf of a not-for-profit association.

Pay down student loans or save for retirement?

Richard Barrington

Though the urge to pay off student loan debt sooner is understandable, building savings may be a more practical use of extra income. It depends on your student loan rate and potential investment return rate.

How should I prioritize my debt?

Richard Barrington

Prioritizing debt should involve keeping up with all your minimum monthly payments and then targeting your most expensive source of debt.

Can I transfer from an IRA to a CD?

Richard Barrington

You can change investment vehicles within an IRA, but you should be careful to do it in a way that avoids tax consequences.

Can I use my ATM card for shopping online?

Richard Barrington

There are many payment options for handling an online purchase today, but be aware of the risks and benefits of using an ATM card versus a credit card.