Ask The Expert

How do I start building a CD ladder and get the best CD rates?

Richard Barrington

See some tips for getting more yield out of a CD ladder.

Can I benefit from putting money in an IRA in my 60s?

Richard Barrington

IRA rules limit the benefits of putting money into an IRA in your late 60s, but it may still be worthwhile.

The high cost of tapping into retirement savings early

Richard Barrington

Besides the 10 percent penalty for tapping into a 401k plan early, diverting money from retirement savings might be higher than you think.

Do I have to liquidate my IRA at some point?

Richard Barrington

A traditional IRA will require you to start taking distributions at some point, but it will never require full liquidation of the plan.

How can I track down an old IRA account?

Richard Barrington

Missing IRA account information can be a challenge after a person dies, but there are some possibilities for addressing this problem.