Ask The Expert

Can an IRA rollover be invested in CDs?

Richard Barrington

CDs are one of many choices you have for investing an IRA rollover out of a 401(k) plan. Learn when CDs might be the right choice for your IRA rollover, and how to get the best CD rates for your needs.

Savings accounts for a non-profit?

Richard Barrington

Some formal procedures are helpful when handling money on behalf of a not-for-profit association.

Pay down student loans or save for retirement?

Richard Barrington

Though the urge to pay off student loan debt sooner is understandable, building savings may be a more practical use of extra income. It depends on your student loan rate and potential investment return rate.

How should I prioritize my debt?

Richard Barrington

Prioritizing debt should involve keeping up with all your minimum monthly payments and then targeting your most expensive source of debt.

Can I transfer from an IRA to a CD?

Richard Barrington

You can change investment vehicles within an IRA, but you should be careful to do it in a way that avoids tax consequences.

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