Ask The Expert

Should I close my IRA once I reach retirement age?

Richard Barrington

Though you can close an IRA without penalty once reaching age 59 1/2, there may be tax advantages to keeping it open.

How do I save and grow money for college?

Richard Barrington

Saving for college is best spent over many years, and it helps to use the right tax and investment tools.

Can my mother use her IRA savings account to pay off debts?

Richard Barrington

Before using an IRA to pay off debts, there are a variety of legal and financial implications to consider.

Which accounts should I deposit my retirement income into?

Richard Barrington

Directing your retirement income efficiently and appropriately can be one way to help that income go further.

How do I decide which CD account to break into early?

Richard Barrington

Breaking into a CD is likely to entail a penalty, but there are some factors that might mitigate this financial hit.