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Lump Sum Distribution vs. Monthly Pension Income

Richard Barrington

How would you choose between monthly pension income and a lump-sum distribution? A present value calculation can give you part of the answer, but there are still some judgements to be made based on your situation.

Don't Rush IRA Withdrawals

Richard Barrington

Even if you are old enough to take money out of an IRA without an early withdrawal penalty, there may be costs to taking out more than the required minimum distribution (RMD). See what you should know about planning your IRA withdrawals.

Investing to Make Money Quickly

Richard Barrington

Looking to get rich quickly as an investor? The first step is to guard against throwing your money away by learning about risk and the difference between investing and speculating.

Should I trade stock mutual funds for CDs?

Richard Barrington

Concerned about the volatile stock market? At times like these moving out of stocks may seem tempting, but it is not an entirely risk-free move. Understand how asset allocation can help reduce risk.

When does it make sense to pay an early withdrawal penalty?

Richard Barrington

Is your current CD rate lagging far behind today's CD rates? It might make sense to pay an early withdrawal penalty to earn more interest, so here's how to do the math and get the most out of that decision.

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