Basic Guides for Checking

Best Checking Accounts for Minimizing Overdraft Fees

Richard Barrington

Do you have a habit of overdrafting your checking account? If you can't break the habit, you can at least reduce the cost by choosing a bank with low overdraft fees and other favorable terms.

Compound interest vs simple interest on checking

Andrew Freiburghouse

If you want to know where every dollar in your finances comes from, it's important to understand how to calculate checking account interest.

Free checking account enough? Explore 9 great options

Andrew Freiburghouse

Looking for a new checking account? It may be helpful to know what options exist before you start shopping.

How to do a bank reconciliation

Karen Lawson

Bank reconciliation doesn't have to be a nightmare. Follow these four simple steps to find out if your account is in balance.

Avoiding checking account fees

Andrew Freiburghouse

Here are some of the most common checking account fees, along with suggestions on how to avoid them.

How to manage a checking account

Andrew Freiburghouse

While technology can help today, there is still no substitute for diligence when it comes to managing your checking account.