Basic Guides for Savings

Finding the best way to save for college

Richard Barrington

How much should I save for college?

Be financially prepared for college by learning the true total cost of attendance, which goes well beyond paying for tuition. Understand what you can do to lower the price tag.

Late start: college savings options

Richard Barrington

It isn't always possible to save immediately for college while your children are very young. Use these accounts to build college savings if you are getting started late.

Estate Planning Guide: 5 Essentials For An Estate Plan

Richard Barrington

A thorough estate plan can ensure that the wealth you spent a lifetime accumulating is distributed responsibly and according to your wishes.

Types of savings accounts: 12 options to save money

Richard Barrington

Different savings vehicles have different purposes, and you can choose from a list of a dozen options for saving money.

Building an emergency fund

Richard Barrington

An emergency fund is a key building block for achieving financial security. Learn what it takes to start one.

How to save money: A beginner's guide

Richard Barrington

Building savings starts with setting goals and then employing a variety of investment and money-saving techniques to meet those goals. Learn how it's done.

How to save money - 101 money saving tips

Richard Barrington

Looking for quick ways to save money? These tips can help you trim expenses and start building savings today.