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Jumbo yields on reward checking accounts

| Money Rates Columnist.
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While interest rates aren't historically high today, there is a surprising amount of interest up for grabs in some checking accounts -- if you meet all of the right requirements.

Rewards checking accounts pay consumers a top yield up to a preset cap, after which the yield drops to a second tier. MoneyRates.com has computed these "Jumbo" APYs to show the yield a consumer could earn by holding $100,000 in a reward checking account and meeting all the monthly requirements.

State Bank of Texas 5.01%$100,0001.01%5.01%
Rollstone Bank and Trust 4.51%$100,0002.27%4.51%
Bank of Hiawassee, Bank of Blairsville, Bank of Blue Ridge 4.01%$100,0001.01%4.01%
The First National Bank of Dieterich 6.01%$30,0003.00%3.90%
Tri-County Bank and Trust 6.01%$25,0003.00%3.75%
Allegiance Bank5.00%$50,0002.10%3.55%
Farmers and Merchants Bank5.02%$50,0002.05%3.54%
Opportunity Bank5.01%$25,0003.01%3.51%
NewPortFed 6.01%$50,0001.00%3.51%
Haverhill Bank 4.50%$50,0002.50%3.50%
The Community Bank6.01%$25,0002.50%3.38%
New Frontier Bank6.26%$50,0000.50%3.38%
First Chatham Bank5.00%$50,0001.50%3.25%
Crossroads Bank 6.10%$30,0002.00%3.23%
West Bend Savings Bank 6.01%$50,0000.30%3.16%
Southbridge Savings Bank 4.25%$50,0002.01%3.13%
First Arkansas Bank & Trust 4.44%$50,0001.76%3.10%
BankNewport 5.05%$50,0001.01%3.03%
All America Bank 5.25%$25,0002.25%3.00%
State Bank of Toledo 4.01%$70,0000.25%2.88%
MidwestOne Bank5.25%$25,0002.00%2.81%
Clinton Savings Bank4.51%$50,0001.05%2.78%
Bank of Fayetteville 4.51%$50,0001.01%2.76%
Peoples Bank 5.01%$50,0000.50%2.76%
Butler Bank 4.50%$50,0001.01%2.76%
Coulee Bank 6.01%$30,0001.01%2.51%
Premier Bank 3.51%$50,0001.51%2.51%
Legacy Bank5.00%$50,0000.01%2.50%
Wilson Bank and Trust 4.00%$50,0001.00%2.50%
Heartland Community Bank5.06%$30,0001.31%2.44%
North Middlesex Savings Bank4.60%$50,0000.25%2.43%
New Mexico Bank and Trust6.01%$20,0001.51%2.41%
Rocky Mountain Bank 6.01%$20,0001.51%2.41%
Arizona Bank and Trust 6.01%$20,0001.51%2.41%
Orange Savings Bank 6.01%$25,0001.01%2.26%
Page Valley Bank 6.01%$25,0001.01%2.26%
Charter Bank6.01%$25,0001.01%2.26%
Focus Bank 6.01%$25,0001.01%2.26%
Cumberland County Bank 5.26%$25,0001.01%2.07%
Bank of Putnam County5.26%$25,0001.01%2.07%
Noble Bank and Trust5.01%$25,0001.01%2.01%
Bank of Little Rock 5.01%$25,0001.01%2.01%
Capital Bank 5.01%$25,0001.01%2.01%
Heritage Bank 4.75%$25,0001.01%1.95%
Home State Bank 4.56%$25,0001.01%1.90%
Sutton Bank4.51%$25,0001.01%1.89%
First Banking Center6.01%$25,0000.50%1.88%
First Clover Leaf Bank6.01%$25,0000.50%1.88%
Kansas State Bank 6.01%$25,0000.50%1.88%
The Bank N.A. 4.01%$25,0001.01%1.76%
Monroe Bank and Trust 4.01%$25,0001.01%1.76%
Bank of Idaho 4.01%$25,0001.01%1.76%
Southern Community Bank and Trust 6.00%$25,0000.15%1.61%
Community West Bank 4.50%$25,0000.55%1.54%
Community First National Bank 5.10%$25,0000.35%1.54%
Community West Bank4.50%$25,0000.55%1.54%
First National Bank 4.00%$25,0000.50%1.38%

Each bank listed above has their own specific policies regarding their rewards checking accounts and their terms are subject to change. For current info on rewards checking accounts, visit the MoneyRates.com rewards checking page.

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