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Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards of February 2020

Richard Barrington

Considering a balance transfer card to pay down credit card debt? It's important to have a plan and to pick the right card for your situation. Learn the ins and outs of balance transfer credit cards.

Discover Credit Cards

Jeffrey Steele
Discover's rewards model rocked the industry when it was introduced. Read how it became a popular approach for all card issuers in time.

Best Credit Cards for 2014 (by Category) from Our Partners

Search our list of the most popular credit cards for 2014. Compare the best credit cards by category to find your new credit card here. Apply online!

Best Credit Cards for Students from Our Partners

Looking for the best student credit cards offering the coolest rewards? Compare offers and find your new student credit card here.

Best Credit Cards - Business Use - from Our Partners

Looking for a credit card to help manage your small business? Compare business credit cards and find your new business credit card here.

Best Credit Cards - for People with Bad Credit - from Our Partners

Have bad credit? Want to find the best credit card options? Compare the best credit cards for people with bad credit here and apply online.

Best Credit Cards - Special Deals & Promotions - from Our Partners

Compare credit cards offering the best special deals & promotions. Find a great cash back bonus or airmiles give away offer here. See what's hot now.

Best Credit Cards for Balance Transfers from Our Partners

Have high interest credit card debt? Transfer it to a 0% introductory APR balance transfer credit card. Compare the best balance transfer offers and apply here.

Best Credit Cards - No Interest (0% Intro APR credit card offers) from Our Partners

Great no-interest credit card offers are back! Compare the best zero interest credit card offers and apply while still available. Find your new no interest credit card here.
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