Personal Finance

IRS Audit: What to Do When the IRS Contacts You

Richard Barrington

How should you react when contacted by the IRS? Verify that the contact is legitimate and then calmly prepare to document your past returns and tax payments. Don't forget to save during the process too.

7 tips for building wealth

Richard Barrington

Interested in building a wealthier future? It may seem like a big job, but you can make your goals more attainable by deploying a variety of wealth-building techniques.

"Winter is coming" - 4 money lessons from "Game of Thrones"

Richard Barrington

Your personal finances face almost as many threats as the characters in "Game of Thrones." Learn what the series can teach you about managing your household finances sensibly and securely.

How to size up retirement benefits when accepting a job

Richard Barrington

Trying to decide between two job offers? Don't overlook the importance of healthcare and retirement benefits. Differences in benefit packages can more than make up for differences in salaries.

Thanksgiving 2018: Be grateful, not complacent

Richard Barrington

As Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, it would seem they have much to be thankful for financially. But some risk factors could cause financial issues if you aren't vigilant about your finances.

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