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Six Months To Christmas - How to Save Money to Avoid Holiday Debt

Richard Barrington

Tired of the cycle of debt that follows the holidays every year? See why now, six months before Christmas, is the best time to break that cycle.

Retirement for Millions Impacted by Opioids

Richard Barrington

Think the opioid crisis is just a healthcare problem? Read about the lasting financial consequences that can also result from opioid addiction.

Plan to Work Longer? Check with Your Employer

Richard Barrington

Think working longer is the solution to falling behind on your retirement saving? While this plan has merit in theory, you may find headwinds that prevent you from being able to work beyond normal retirement age.

Why Mom and Dad's Budget Doesn't Fit Millennials

Richard Barrington

Struggling with the challenges of millennial finances? Recognizing how these challenges differ from those faced by prior generations is the first step toward coping with their financial environment.

On Track for a Retirement-Savings Shortfall?

Richard Barrington

Are you saving enough for retirement? The answer may surprise you. More than 40 percent of American households are on track for a retirement savings shortfall. See what you can do to avoid that fate.

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