Personal Finance

Why Mom and Dad's Budget Doesn't Fit Millennials

Richard Barrington

Struggling with the challenges of millennial finances? Recognizing how these challenges differ from those faced by prior generations is the first step toward coping with their financial environment.

On Track for a Retirement-Savings Shortfall?

Richard Barrington

Are you saving enough for retirement? The answer may surprise you. More than 40 percent of American households are on track for a retirement savings shortfall. See what you can do to avoid that fate.

What Credit Score Can Tell You About Your Lover

Richard Barrington

Do you know your lover's credit score? See how this information can be very revealing, especially if you plan for the relationship to get serious.

Why Now is the Time for a Career Move

Richard Barrington

Looking to make a career move? See why today's economic conditions make this an especially good time to look for a new job or get ahead with your current employer.

Better ways to shop for a bank

Richard Barrington

If you haven't shopped for a bank lately, you could really be missing out. Rapid rate changes, the rise of online banking and new technologies are all changing what it means to have a good bank.

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