Personal Finance

Is there such a thing as good debt?

Dan Rafter

Not all debt is bad. Some debt presents little financial risk while also helping you build your credit score as you pay it back. Here are five ways to recognize whether debt is good or bad.

Inheritance and retirement savings accounts guide

Richard Barrington

Inheriting retirement savings accounts has varying tax implications, depending on the type of account and who the beneficiary is.

The 45-minute fortune: 9 tips to get more from annual employee reviews

Richard Barrington

Many employees make the mistake of dreading their annual performance reviews; see how embracing the process can pay off generously.

Setting goals to get savings on track

Richard Barrington

Saving money does not have to be intimidating if you approach it by setting a series of reasonable goals.

Kicking the tires: 10 questions to ask before signing up with a bank

Richard Barrington

Asking the right questions before you choose a bank can save you time and money in the long run.

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