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Have your finances improved since the financial crisis?

Richard Barrington

Despite nine years of economic expansion, many Americans are little better off than they were during the financial crisis. Use this checklist to help you learn how to manage your money better.

9 savings accounts with sweet tax breaks

Richard Barrington

These nine savings accounts offer tax breaks that could help you keep the money you earn and make it work for you. Find out if you can benefit from one of these tax-advantaged savings vehicles.

6 financial emergencies to prepare for

Richard Barrington

Life's financial emergencies can hit you unexpectedly, but you can make plans to help prepare for them.

How investors can identify stock market cycles

Richard Barrington

Some characteristics of market cycles, and why they can be so hard to recognize.

Budgeting tips: 6 mistakes to avoid

Richard Barrington

Here are six common problems that can deal a knockout punch to your finances.

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