Personal Finance

Better ways to shop for a bank

Richard Barrington

If you haven't shopped for a bank lately, you could really be missing out. Rapid rate changes, the rise of online banking and new technologies are all changing what it means to have a good bank.

Stick to Your Baby Budget

Richard Barrington

First Job? Time for Your First Budget

Richard Barrington

Starting your first job? See why starting your first budget as soon as you start your first job can help you get more out of your hard-earned money.

The Reason You Should Shop for the Best Rates

Richard Barrington

Is shopping for savings accounts worthwhile? What about finding the best CD rates? When you consider the size of the reward and the relatively small amount of effort required, you may decide it is well worth your time to do some rate-shopping.

People Grow Less Financially Secure as Their Retirement Progresses

Richard Barrington

Are you afraid of becoming financially insecure later in your retirement? See some of the keys to making your retirement finances more sustainable.

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