Personal Finance

One Bank or Multiple Banks - Which is Better?

Richard Barrington

Should all your accounts be at one bank, or should you be splitting them up? There are advantages to each approach, and the right answer for you may depend on the total size of your deposits.

The Easter Bunny is Nothing Compared to These Retirement-Planning Myths

Richard Barrington

Are you being given bad retirement-planning advice? These six myths are surprisingly common but may do more harm than good to your retirement plans.

Rising Interest Rates: Consumers Face Unprecedented Risk

Richard Barrington

How much are you at risk from rising interest rates? Record debt levels show that the risk to U.S. consumers is greater than ever. Learn how to protect yourself now.

6 Things to Plan Before You Quit

Richard Barrington

Are you thinking of quitting your job? A strong job market may make that a tempting idea, but think through these six financial impacts before you pull the trigger.

Coping with Bad Auto Loans

Richard Barrington

Do you have an auto loan or are you planning to apply for one? Record numbers of borrowers are behind in their loan payments. Here's how that could affect you.

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