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How to size up retirement benefits when accepting a job

Richard Barrington

Trying to decide between two job offers? Don't overlook the importance of healthcare and retirement benefits. Differences in benefit packages can more than make up for differences in salaries.

Thanksgiving 2018: Be grateful, not complacent

Richard Barrington

As Americans sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, it would seem they have much to be thankful for financially. But some risk factors could cause financial issues if you aren't vigilant about your finances.

5 financial moves to make before Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018

Richard Barrington

The way you shop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday can determine how much debt you have to deal with over the coming year. Here are five ways to minimize the damage and stay in control of your finances.

Getting ready for retirement? Look before you leap

Richard Barrington

Deciding when to retire is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. See why you should take care not to retire too soon, and how to prepare financially for retirement.

Are you heading for a retirement bankruptcy?

Richard Barrington

Older Americans have been going bankrupt at increasingly faster rates in recent years. This checklist can help you adjust your retirement plan and budget plan to reduce the chances of filing bankruptcy in retirement.

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