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10 Banks That Don't Gouge Customers for Overdrawn Checking Accounts, According to MoneyRates.com Study

Foster City, CA - Mar. 19, 2019 - Personal finance resource MoneyRates.com, released today its list of best checking accounts to minimize an overdraft fee. The semi-annual study discloses the ten banks in the MoneyRates Index that offer the best combination of terms and fee structure for individuals who want to reduce runaway overdraft charges.

States Paying Highest Federal Taxes are Most Impacted by Cap on SALT Deductions, According to MoneyRates.com Study

Foster City, CA - March 6, 2019 - Personal finance resource MoneyRates.com released today a study examining federal tax contributions by state on a total, per capita, and percentage basis. The research shows that, while taxpayers in all 50 states are subject to the same federal tax laws, huge differences exist in the amount of federal taxes paid by residents of different states. The study also examines which state's residents are likely to be hardest hit by the new cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

Checking Account Fees Highest in Seven Years, According to MoneyRates.com Survey

Foster City, CA – February 26, 2019 – Personal finance resource MoneyRates.com, released its latest semi-annual Checking Account Fee Survey showing that monthly maintenance and ATM fees continued to rise, while overdraft protection fees fell again over the past 6 months. The average annual cost for maintaining a checking account rose to $162.96, the highest level in the survey’s seven-year history.

Settling for Average Rates Costs Bank Customers More than Ever Gap between top and average rates the widest in history of survey

Foster City, CA: January 30, 2019 - The America’s Best Rates analysis released today by personal finance resource MoneyRates.com on the fourth quarter of 2018 found that, while interest rates on savings and money market accounts continued to edge higher, the rate gap between a handful of leading banks and average rates is widening.

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