Finger Lakes ATM/ Debit Card Notes

Bank of America

  • Optional Alaska Airlines Debit Card for an annual fee. No fee Bank of America Debit Card: Earn up to $250 per year cash back when you use your Bank of America debit card through the Add It Up® program.
  • Free withdrawals, deposits, transfers, payments and balance inquiries at a Bank of America ATM. *No fee for first mini statement each monthly statement cycle; after one, each additional is $1.00 (includes up to 10 of your last transactions); $3.00 fee for full statement (includes activity since last statement).** $2 fee for withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries at non-Bank of America ATMs located in the U.S. $5 fee for withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries at a non-Bank of America ATM located in a foreign country (exception: non-Bank of America ATM fees do not apply at some ATMs located outside the United States. Call bank before traveling internationally for current information about banks participating in the program. $5 fee waived with qualifying account). ***ATM Surcharge: Fee charged for using the Bank of America ATM at malls and streets may vary from those at the banking center.

Canandaigua Natl Bank & Trust

  • *No fee for onsite ATM transactions (exception, $1 fee for teller-assisted debit card transactions). **$1.50 offsite fee is waived with qualifying accounts. Canandaigua National Bank may rebate other bank's ATM surcharges with qualifying account(s).

Citibank NA

  • *Citibank has no offsite fee for Citibank transfers or balance inquiries (other banks may assess a third party ATM surcharge fee). $2.00 offsite ATM fee waived with qualifying accounts and/or balances, or with qualifying account if the first-listed account owner is age 62 or older.

Citizens Bank

  • No-fee balance inquiries, deposits, cash withdrawals, payments, and transfers at a Citizens Bank ATM.

First Niagara Bank NA

  • Optional Free First Niagara Rewards Program: Sign up to receive merchant discounts, which are automatically credited to your First Niagara account. No coupons to clip - and no points to redeem.
  • Unlimited free transactions at First Niagara ATMs. *With qualifying accounts, offsite ATM transaction fees may be waived, and surcharges from other banks for use of their ATMs may be rebated. Otherwise, $2.50 for each transaction made at an ATM in the U.S. or Canada that does not belong to First Niagara.

Five Star Bank

  • With qualifying account(s), receive a $.10 credit for every Five Star Bank Visa® Check Card/ATM Card point-of-sale transaction over 25 during the statement period.
  • Five Star Bank customers pay no fees at Five Star Bank and Summit FCU ATMs. *Some offsite fees may be waived with qualifying accounts, conditions apply. With TotalValue Premier Checking, Five Star Bank will credit the customer up to $2.00 for each ATM Surcharge Fee.

Genesee Regional Bank

  • Genesee Regional Bank does not charge their customers offsite ATM fees, AND reimburses other banks' fees up to $10 for every signer on the account per statement period, with all checking accounts.


  • *Some offsite ATM fees may be waived with qualifying accounts. Otherwise, $2.00 or $2.50 fee for withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer, depending upon account.

JPMorgan Chase Bank

  • Optional no annual fee Disney Debit Card offers discounts on merchandise and other Disney perks.
  • *Offsite ATM fee may be waived with qualifying accounts. Otherwise, $2 per withdrawal, inquiry or balance transfer within U.S., Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. **$5 per withdrawal outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.


  • KeyBank offers a choice of debit cards, with varying rewards options. There may be an annual fee for the KeyBank Relationship Rewards program based on the type of checking account you have. Redemption of rewards points is subject to a service fee.
  • *$1.00 per month fee for ATM card (waived when you also possess qualifying Key Bank debit card). ** Onsite ATM fee of $1.50 for mini-statement. ***Offsite ATM fee may be waived for qualifying accounts, otherwise $2.50 for withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer.

M&T Bank (Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co)

  • M&T Bank offers a choice of rewards cards. Earn points when credit option is selected. Points earned can be redeemed for cash value rewards, gift cards, merchandise, and travel rewards.
  • *Offsite ATM Fees: Up to $3 (may be waived or rebated with qualifying accounts).