Mohawk Valley ATM/ Debit Card Notes

Adirondack Trust Co

  • *Onsite (Adirondack Trust Company) ATMs: No fee cash withdrawals (exception: Basic Checking has 8 Free Check or ATM withdrawals, then $0.20 per withdrawal). **Offsite ATM Fee: $1.00 Per Transaction at Non-ATC ATMs. Fees may be waived for qualifying accounts if minimum balance is maintained or with Direct Deposit. Visa Debit Card Fee: $1.00 per month per card.

Bank of America

  • Optional Alaska Airlines Debit Card for an annual fee. No fee Bank of America Debit Card: Earn up to $250 per year cash back when you use your Bank of America debit card through the Add It Up® program.
  • Free withdrawals, deposits, transfers, payments and balance inquiries at a Bank of America ATM. *No fee for first mini statement each monthly statement cycle; after one, each additional is $1.00 (includes up to 10 of your last transactions); $3.00 fee for full statement (includes activity since last statement).** $2 fee for withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries at non-Bank of America ATMs located in the U.S. $5 fee for withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries at a non-Bank of America ATM located in a foreign country (exception: non-Bank of America ATM fees do not apply at some ATMs located outside the United States. Call bank before traveling internationally for current information about banks participating in the program. $5 fee waived with qualifying account). ***ATM Surcharge: Fee charged for using the Bank of America ATM at malls and streets may vary from those at the banking center.

Bank of Utica

  • Bank of Utica does not charge customers a fee for onsite or offsite ATM use (offsite ATM owner may charge a fee).

Berkshire Bank

  • No fee for onsite withdrawals and balance inquiries. *Offsite ATM fees: $1.00 for balance inquiry, $1.50 for withdrawal.

Citizens Bank

  • No-fee balance inquiries, deposits, cash withdrawals, payments, and transfers at a Citizens Bank ATM.

First Niagara Bank NA

  • Optional Free First Niagara Rewards Program: Sign up to receive merchant discounts, which are automatically credited to your First Niagara account. No coupons to clip - and no points to redeem.
  • Unlimited free transactions at First Niagara ATMs. *With qualifying accounts, offsite ATM transaction fees may be waived, and surcharges from other banks for use of their ATMs may be rebated. Otherwise, $2.50 for each transaction made at an ATM in the U.S. or Canada that does not belong to First Niagara.


  • *Some offsite ATM fees may be waived with qualifying accounts. Otherwise, $2.00 or $2.50 fee for withdrawal, balance inquiry or transfer, depending upon account.

JPMorgan Chase Bank

  • Optional no annual fee Disney Debit Card offers discounts on merchandise and other Disney perks.
  • *Offsite ATM fee may be waived with qualifying accounts. Otherwise, $2 per withdrawal, inquiry or balance transfer within U.S., Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. **$5 per withdrawal outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

M&T Bank (Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co)

  • M&T Bank offers a choice of rewards cards. Earn points when credit option is selected. Points earned can be redeemed for cash value rewards, gift cards, merchandise, and travel rewards.
  • *Offsite ATM Fees: Up to $3 (may be waived or rebated with qualifying accounts).

NBT Bank

  • Visa Extras Rewards program is available with no annual fee. Redeem points for movie tickets, gift certificates, restaurants, travel certificates, home furnishings, hotel stays and more.