Checking Fees Column Headings

INSTITUTION - Bank or other financial institution that issues Debit and/or ATM Cards. (An ATM Card is used primarily for withdrawing funds from an account holder’s checking or savings account at an automated teller machine. Debit Cards can be used, with limitations, like a credit card with purchase amounts being debited directly from your checking account.)

PHONE NUMBER - Main office phone number of financial institution listed.

ACCOUNT NAME - This is the specific name that the institution has given to the account.

INT YIELD - The annual interest yield paid on the account.

MIN TO OPEN - This is the minimum initial deposit required to open the non-interest or interest bearing checking account. Please note that certain interest bearing accounts will pay interest only if a higher amount than this is kept. Please contact individual financial institution for more information.

MIN TO AVOID FEES - The minimum account balance that is required in order to avoid the monthly service fee. If the account balance falls below this level, you will be subject to the monthly service charge and / or stated per item charges

MONTHLY SERVICE FEE - Fee charged by the financial institution to its customers for the use of a checking account. Please see the notes section for ways the fee may be reduced or eliminated.

CHECK RETURN WITH STATEMENT - This column provides a simple "yes" or "no" that lets you know whether or not the financial institution returns your processed checks (or images of them) with your monthly statement.

# FREE ITEMS - The number of transactions that will be processed at no additional charge. If this limit is exceeded, the per-item charge will be applied. Account features may include unlimited free transactions (All), a specified number or no free transactions (0).

PER ITEM FEE - The fee charged for items that exceed the specified maximum for the account. In some cases, these per item charges may be waived or charged based on the minimum balance in the account as well as or instead of maximum number of items allowed. See notes for additional information.

NSF FEE - The Non Sufficient Funds Fee is also known as a Bounced Check Fee and is charged when a check is presented to the institution for payment that exceeds the balance in your account.

OVERDRAFT PROTECTION - The institution provides a method for the account holder to avoid the fee charged for Non Sufficient Funds (Yes) or the institution does not offer this option (No). The institution may offer one or more options including an automatic transfer from another checking/saving account or an automatic charge to a loan/credit card account in the event that a check is presented to the primary account where the available balance is not sufficient to cover the amount of the check.

ONLINE BILL PAYMENT FEE - This column indicates the fees charged by the institution for using their service to pay your bills online. This does not apply to automatic deductions you may have or making payments online direct with companies.

NOTES - This column contains additional information about the account.

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