Ask The Expert

Can I use my IRA toward buying a home?

Richard Barrington

You might be able to use some money from an IRA toward buying a home, but you should fully understand the limitations and consequences.

Are foreign currencies good retirement investments?

Richard Barrington

The degree of difficulty and risk involved in currency trading put it outside the mainstream of most retirement investing.

Should I take my retirement benefits in a lump sum or monthly payment?

Richard Barrington

Weighing the merits of taking retirement benefits in a lump sum or a stream of monthly payments.

How do I get the best savings account rate on $40,000 while keeping liquidity?

Richard Barrington

Explore options for earning the best interest rate on $40,000 in savings accounts while also addressing your liquidity needs.

How much interest can I earn on $1 million in 1 year?

Richard Barrington

Yields on savings accounts are not what they used to be, but these are still safer than other income-producing options.