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4 reasons Obama's second term may be different

November 9, 2012

There are reasons to think changes may be coming to Washington, despite no changes in control of the White House or Congress. Find out why.

4 possible costs of the debt-ceiling debate

September 17, 2012

Following a warning from Moody's, American savers and investors would be mindful of these possible consequences from the debt debate.

Small news headlines reflect big economic problems

July 27, 2012

These seemingly isolated news items offers clues on how the economy is doing -- and they are not reassuring.

Job growth: A study in contrasts

May 30, 2012

State-by-state employment numbers give some insight to how some areas are thriving while others continue to struggle.

Are you a tax do-it-yourselfer?

March 1, 2012

Different tax preparation approaches can reveal things about the attitude and circumstances of the individual.

3 safe options to CD

September 20, 2011

If the best cd rates aren't good enough, try some of these investments on for size.

Study finds people think retirement would be easier without a spouse

September 20, 2011

Although couples amass more wealth, married people think deciding when and where to retire would be easier if they were alone.

Refinancing taking up a greater portion of mortgage applications

September 14, 2011

The federal government is looking for ways to use refinancing at lower current mortgage rates as a means of stimulating the economy.

Online banks offer new enticements for checking accounts

September 13, 2011

Paper checks, easier deposits remove some of the hurdles to online banking.

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