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The mismatch between the stock market and the economy

February 8, 2013

So far, 2013 has seen a mismatch between a euphoric market and lackluster economic news.

Faceplant: 4 lessons from the Facebook IPO

May 24, 2012

Lots of elements went into making Facebook's IPO a flop, but here are four of the most important.

Stocks show a fear of judgment day

April 12, 2012

Savings accounts and stocks may seem to have little in common, but both have something at stake as first-quarter earnings reports emerge.

Will the bond market rescue savings accounts?

March 16, 2012

A Fed meeting and a stock market rally grabbed headlines recently, but savings account customers may be more interested in the surge in bond yields.

Market 'milestone' more hype than substance

February 29, 2012

The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossing 13,000 was hailed as a landmark, but the economy has much more meaningful barriers to overcome.

Markets buckle under the weight of discouraging economic news

July 14, 2011

Market optimism was dashed once again by recent developments, and that does not bode well for bank rates.

Ask the expert: Shifting between money market accounts and the stock market

February 8, 2011

As tempting as the stock market may look compared to anemic money market rates, be sure to consider the risk before shifting your asset allocation.

Ask the expert: Why are bond yields rising, and will money market rates follow?

December 16, 2010

Find out why the bond market is defying the Federal Reserve's intention, and what this means for money market rates and other bank interest rates.

Ask the expert: Are money market accounts a good hedge against inflation?

November 25, 2010

Find out what you might expect from stocks, bonds, and money market accounts if inflation starts rising sharply.

Don't look now, but stock market hype is making a comeback

November 1, 2010

A successful run by the stock market has ushered in a return of hype, but look past the salesmanship before you invest.
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