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Best and Worst States to Retire

Best and Worst States to Retire 2014: Full 50-state list

by MoneyRates Team
Money Rates Columnist
October 20, 2014

If you read the 2014 MoneyRates.com lists of Best States to Retire and Worst States to Retire and didn't see your state, you can find its ranking below in this full 50-state list.

These rankings are based on an analysis that considered the following in each state:

  1. The size and growth of the senior population
  2. Economic factors
  3. Crime
  4. Weather
  5. Life expectancy at age 65

Here are the 2014 rankings, starting with the best state for retirement.

1. Hawaii
2. Iowa
3. Idaho
4. Florida
5. Vermont
6. Arizona
7. Colorado
7. Maine
9. Virginia
10. Montana
11. New Hampshire
12. Delaware
13. Utah
14. Connecticut
15. Minnesota
16. South Carolina
17. Wisconsin
18. South Dakota
19. Nebraska
20. Missouri
21. Massachusetts
22. New Mexico
23. Ohio
24. Kansas
24. Pennsylvania
26. Arkansas
26. Rhode Island
28. Wyoming
29. Kentucky
30. California
30. North Carolina
30. North Dakota
30. Washington
34. West Virginia
35. Indiana
36. Oklahoma
37. Mississippi
37. Oregon
39. New Jersey
40. Texas
41. Alabama
42. Michigan
43. Georgia
43. Maryland
43. New York
46. Nevada
47. Illinois
48. Tennessee
49. Louisiana
50. Alaska

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David Shaw

18 February 2016 at 4:44 pm

I live in WV. Job oppertunities are limited, coal was once the major industry but has fallen on hard times. However, WV is one of the most beautiful states, we enjoy all 4 seasons, people are friendly, and the cost of living is fairly low. I love living here!


16 November 2014 at 10:48 am

Could you post the results by state for the five categories...economic, weather, population, etc?

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