Advanced Investment Strategies for Certificates of Deposit, Money Market Accounts, Savings Accounts, Checking Accounts and other investments

How to plan for CD taxes

Richard Barrington

CDs are safe instruments for earning interest, but their tax treatment can create a cash crunch. Here's how to plan ahead so you aren't caught short of money at tax time.

Using CDs for college savings

Richard Barrington

Understand how you can use certificates of deposits to build your college savings.

What inflation is doing to your CD rates

Richard Barrington

You might think of CDs as safe investments that don't require much attention, but lately inflation has been posing a growing threat to them. Here's what to do when inflation is on the rise.

How risky are certificates of deposit?

Richard Barrington

Understanding early withdrawal risk with CDs, FDIC limits, and other risk factors can help you manage risk while investing in CDs.

8 types of CD accounts

Richard Barrington

A review of the characteristics of different types of CDs can help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Complete Guide to Setting Up A CD Ladder

Richard Barrington

Learn how a CD ladder can work to your advantage, and how to set it up.

November Fed update: Fed doesn't act on bank rates - but consumers can

Richard Barrington

No action by the Fed on rates leaves it up to consumers to protect themselves by finding higher savings account rates.

September Fed update: Bank rate increase delay, how consumers can prepare

Richard Barrington

The Fed continues to delay raising rates, but taking action seems increasingly imminent.

5 moves to optimize your CD ladder investments

Richard Barrington

CD ladders can help you manage yield and liquidity, and they can also be tailored for current circumstances.

5 reasons why CDs are perfect for low risk investors

Richard Barrington

CDs are perfect for low risk investors because they offer a guarantee of principal along with a fixed interest rate and predictable cash flow.

6 essential truths on today's CD rates

Richard Barrington

Understanding these things about today's CD rates can boost the interest you earn on your savings.

5 factors that could drive interest rates higher

Richard Barrington

It's been a long time since interest rates rose, but these pressures could be what finally pushes them upward.

Why inflation is still a threat to your retirement

Richard Barrington

Inflation may be relatively mild today, but even a minor acceleration in price increases could profoundly affect your retirement planning.

Differences between CDs and bonds: A secure-investment showdown

Richard Barrington

Both Treasury bonds and CDs can be safe sources of income, but the length of your investment may determine which is the better choice.

4 caveats on variable-rate CDs

Richard Barrington

Variable-rate CDs can offer savers some intriguing options, but not always at a favorable price.

2018 Outlook - 6 factors affecting money market rates

See what it means to consumers as savings account rates, money market rates, CD rates and mortgage rates look likely to rise in 2018.

Fearing a Fed rate hike? Make these 5 moves

Richard Barrington

Preparing your finances in advance of any Fed announcements can help you avoid being caught flat-footed when rates finally climb.

Batter up! 9 'players' for your investment line-up

Richard Barrington

Want a portfolio that will perform from its opening day? Then consider incorporating these key elements.

Home-field advantage: 7 reasons to favor US stocks

Richard Barrington

International investing can be a good thing, but there are also valid reasons for maintaining a heavier weighting toward U.S.-based stocks.

7 straightforward rules for asset allocation

Richard Barrington

Asset allocation is a tricky decision and one you can't avoid, so it's wise to be well-informed on the topic.

Shareholder rights: Are you a shark, lion or sheep?

Richard Barrington

Passive investors should take a cue from Wall Street's sharks and lions in recognizing the impact corporate governance can have on share value.

Why a manic market shouldn't necessarily worry you

Richard Barrington

As unsettling as recent market volatility might be, a longer-term perspective suggests investors don't necessarily have to worry.

The problem with popular stocks

Richard Barrington

Recent research finds that stocks with the highest turnover tend to also have the lowest future returns.

7 reasons to worry about cheap oil

Richard Barrington

Lower oil prices have some obvious benefits for the U.S., but they could also bring some problems -- especially as the drop becomes more extreme.

6 options for today's income investor

Richard Barrington

Here are some of the pluses and minuses of a variety of today's income-producing investment options.

How to invest like a business owner

Richard Barrington

Managerial responsibilities may seem miles away from investment decisions, but your personal business experience can be an asset in managing stocks.

Want a winning portfolio? Just avoid the biggest loser

Richard Barrington

Addition-by-subtraction can be a good way of earning above-average investment performance.

6 things investors should know about P2P lending

Richard Barrington

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is growing rapidly in popularity, but the marketplace does not yet fully recognize the risks.

Share buybacks: A sell signal?

Richard Barrington

A boom in share buybacks raises some questions that shareholders of the company need to ask.

Comparing today's bank account and bond yields

Richard Barrington

Interest income remains relatively scarce among these vehicles, but that doesn't mean your portfolio should be without them.

Low fed funds rates cost consumers over $1.3 trillion

Richard Barrington

Federal Reserve interest rate policy may have bailed out the economy after the Great Recession, but savers who don't fight back continue to lose ground against inflation to this day. Here's what you can do to stay ahead.

Interest rates surge despite Fed’s inaction

Richard Barrington

Rates on deposit accounts and mortgages may continue to rise despite the Fed's recent decision to keep its rate target unchanged. Here is what consumers can do to reap the benefits now.

Things to pay for by changing your bank

Richard Barrington

Fed rate increases not helping consumers

Richard Barrington

The Fed continued pursuing a policy of rate normalization -- but, so far, consumers only find better interest rates on mortgages, CDs and savings accounts if they shop.

3 ways to profit when market rates outpace the Fed

Richard Barrington

Sometimes the Federal Reserve adopts a wait-and-see approach to raising the federal funds rate. Here's how investors, home-buyers and savers could profit when market rates rise faster than Fed rates.

December Fed update: Fed rates rise, but bank rates may be rising faster

Richard Barrington

The Fed raised interest rates for the third time in 2017, but some savings account rates have been rising even faster.

Where do your finances stand this holiday season?

Richard Barrington

Thanksgiving and the holiday season is a good time to look at your finances; see how you can tell which elements of those finances are blessings and which are turkeys.

Is weakening job growth behind Fed's decision to not raise bank rates?

Richard Barrington

The Fed's latest statement dismisses recent negative economic trends as being due to the harsh hurricane season, but their inaction on rates speaks louder than words.

Underbanked? How to Find the Best Bank Account for You

Richard Barrington

Find out why millions of Americans do not have a bank account, how this is costing them, and what they can do about it.

Did Hurricanes Harvey and Irma lead to Fed's rate hike delay?

Richard Barrington

Fallout from recent hurricanes seems to include delaying a Fed rate hike, though consumers may want to protect against rising inflation by shopping for bank rates.

Consumers should act faster than the Fed on interest rates

Richard Barrington

The Fed continues to show extreme caution in raising rates, but consumers can take more decisive action now.

Is the Fed's move a no-win for consumers?

Richard Barrington

The Fed's push to return to normal, despite flagging economic numbers, could be a no-win move for consumers.

May Fed update: Consumers should look beyond Fed for higher bank rates

Richard Barrington

As the Fed goes slow on rate hikes, consumers need a more direct way to find higher bank rates.

March Fed update: Fed hike to raise bank rates for mortgages, savings

Richard Barrington

The Fed rate increase was largely driven by rising inflation, which could have broader implications for mortgages and savings account rates.

5 Unexpected Investment Lessons From A Baseball Legend

Richard Barrington

See how baseball legend's Yogi Berra could teach investors surprising investment lessons.

Better ways to find the best checking account

Richard Barrington

Changes in banking habits have made location less of an issue since the 1990s, while rising fees have made cost more significant. Isn't it time to change what you look for in a checking account?

Best checking accounts for 2018

We ranked the best checking accounts for 2018 on the basis of monthly maintenance fees, overdraft fees, and low minimum opening deposit. Here are the top ten free checking accounts to be found in 2018.

Finding a second-chance checking account

Having to work outside the banking system can be expensive and inconvenient. Unfortunately, this can easily happen to people whose accounts are closed by their banks because of chronic misuse of the account.

If this has happened to you, the good news is that there is a way to get back into the banking system. It's called second-chance checking, and finding the right second-chance checking account can be the first step toward re-establishing your access to the full range of bank services.

The cost of sloppy banking habits

Richard Barrington

Sloppy banking habits could easily cost consumers more than $600 per year, but they are easy to fix. Here's how to profit by staying on top of your finances.

6 reasons to rethink where you bank

Richard Barrington

Banking has changed over time, and it's likely your banking needs have too. Here's why you may want to reconsider where you're at today.

Best banks 2013: Should you switch?

Ollie Geiger

MONEY Magazine has announced its top banks for 2013, but are these institutions good enough to attract your business?

4 signs of money immaturity in teens

Naomi Mannino

If your son or daughter displays these signs, some remedial financial education may be in order -- fast.

Walmart's Bluebird card: Has checking met its match?

Richard Barrington

Walmart's Bluebird prepaid debit card is a very competitive product, but there are some inherent drawbacks to using any prepaid card.

Why one bank is switching to a single overdraft fee

Jim Sloan

Bank's move could spur other banks to drop the charges that can lead to a "train wreck" of multiple overdrafts.

5 simple ways to build a rainy day fund

Jim Sloan

Although many Americans are having trouble making ends meet, here are some ways to save money and keep it safe for when you need it.

6 websites that can help you reach your savings goals

Jim Sloan

Managing your finances and increasing your savings is made easier and entertaining with these websites.

Banks roll out a new onslaught of checking account fees

Jim Sloan

With bank fees on the rise, customers can avoid the fees by following a few basic requirements, such as maintaining minimum balances and having direct deposit into your account. 

Why banks want your business

Jim Sloan

Banks and brokerage firms are using special incentives in order to bring in more customers with multiple accounts.

Jumbo yields on reward checking accounts

MoneyRates Team

Learn how much some customers are earning from their checking accounts with these jumbo APY calculations from MoneyRates.com.

5 ways to make balancing your checkbook easier

Barbara Marquand
If reconciling your checkbook is a monthly nightmare, then take advantage of some of your bank's nifty technology to make the task easier.

7 Big Financial Changes that Call for Adjusting Your Mortgage

Richard Barrington

Refinancing is not just about capturing falling interest rates. It can also be a way of optimizing your mortgage loan to fit a change in circumstances.

9 must-know things about your mortgage loan

Richard Barrington

The benefit or burden of any mortgage is largely dependent on these 9 details.

Buying a home: 7 tips for making your biggest investment decision

Richard Barrington

Lack of experience is an inherent problem for first-time home buyers, but some sound investment thinking can help you overcome that problem.

Amid historically low rates, is real estate a good investment?

Richard Barrington

Recent declines in mortgage rates may generate enthusiasm for real estate investments, but there are reasons to be skeptical of this.

When it makes sense to bet the house

Richard Barrington

Shifting your debt burden into a mortgage can save you money, but it can also put your home at risk. Learn when this approach makes sense.

Playing the spread in today's interest rates

Richard Barrington

Rising long-term interest rates should impact how you shop for income vehicles and loans.

Is the housing bubble rising again?

Richard Barrington

Home prices may be the same as in 2004, but other conditions have changed since then. Is history ready to repeat itself?

5 things to know before investing in real estate

Richard Barrington

Real estate investments can provide growth and income, but they also carry some special risks.

4 financial lessons from 'Downton Abbey'

Richard Barrington

Though "Downton Abbey" is set in a distinctly different era, its plot holds some financial lessons that are relevant today.

Is retirement too late for refinancing?

Richard Barrington

Retirees often don't think of refinancing, but current conditions make refinancing worth a fresh look to older Americans.

The mortgage loan for fixer-uppers

Michele Lerner

If you need to finance a home renovation, an FHA 203(k) loan may be your solution.

Can't refinance? Consider a 'recast' instead

Michele Lerner

Recasting is another way to lower your monthly mortgage payments, but there is one catch.

Could new FHA rules help you refinance?

Michele Lerner

If you are a homeowner with a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you may soon be eligible for an streamline refinance at a lower cost.

5 money mistakes people make after divorce

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Financial choices made during and after divorce can impact how well you move forward. Learn how to avoid these common errors.

HARP revamp seeks to help underwater borrowers

Michele Lerner

If you are among the nation's estimated 20 million upside-down homeowners, the revised Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be playing your song.

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