How much interest will I earn : Compound Interest Calculator

Compound interest is how your money makes money. Enter the amount you have at the start, such as in your savings account, your interest rate, how long the money will be growing, and how often it compounds, which can range from continuously to annually.

If you are unsure of how often your account or bank compounds interest, ask a bank customer service representative or check your disclosure documents.

Best savings account rates

Whether you're happy with your current bank or want to make switch to another one, try using the compound interest calculator below and experiment with the best savings account rates you've seen advertised.

The national average rate for non-jumbo savings accounts (accounts less than $100,000) is 0.7%, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation rates updated May 21, 2018. MoneyRates.com lists the best savings account rates with some rates up to 2.28%. See if changing banks is better for your finances by calculating different savings rates.

Use a compound interest calculator to see how much you will earn

How much do you initially have?
What interest rate do you expect to earn?
After how many year?
How often is the money compounded?
(times per year)
Balance after 10 yrs
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