Ask The Expert

Can you change a spouse's spending habits?

Richard Barrington

Differing attitudes toward spending and saving can cause tension in a marriage. See what communication and the structure of your bank accounts can do to ease the tension.

Can an IRA rollover be invested in CDs?

Richard Barrington

CDs are one of many choices you have for investing an IRA rollover out of a 401(k) plan. Learn when CDs might be the right choice for your IRA rollover, and how to get the best CD rates for your needs.

Savings accounts for a non-profit?

Richard Barrington

Some formal procedures are helpful when handling money on behalf of a not-for-profit association.

Pay down student loans or save for retirement?

Richard Barrington

Though the urge to pay off student loan debt sooner is understandable, building savings may be a more practical use of extra income. It depends on your student loan rate and potential investment return rate.

How should I prioritize my debt?

Richard Barrington

Prioritizing debt should involve keeping up with all your minimum monthly payments and then targeting your most expensive source of debt.

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