How Much Interest Are You Paying?

To get the most out of our credit card interest calculator, you should have your latest statement handy. To determine how much interest you’re paying, you’ll need your balance, annual percentage rate (APR) and the minimum or average monthly payment.

Credit card interest calculator: Calculate debt repayment

Whether you want to take advantage of better rewards or low interest credit cards, knowing how much interest you're paying is crucial for your financial health. If you find you're paying too much credit card interest, consider transferring your balance to 0 interest credit cards offered during an introductory period.

Use the credit card interest calculator below and see how you can pay off your debt quickly or how much you can save with 0 interest credit cards.

How Much Interest Are You Paying?
Current Balance
Interest Rate (APR)
Average Monthly Payment
Time Period
Over the selected time period, your total interest charges will be
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