The Fed announces another lose-lose for consumers

Richard Barrington

Weak first quarter GDP growth did not deter the Fed from continuing to cut its bond-buying stimulus, which could disadvantage consumers.

Is Janet Yellen really a hawk?

Richard Barrington

Accusations that the new Fed chair is too hawkish may have more to do with investor self-interest than reality.

Fed forges ahead with tapering

Richard Barrington

The Fed has scaled back on measures that have helped keep mortgage rates down, but the policies that encourage near-zero savings account rates remain.

Fed tapering: a win for banks, but not consumers

Richard Barrington

Wall Streeters have more reason to cheer the latest Federal Reserve announcement than ordinary consumers do. Learn why.

Fed moves predictably through enigmatic economy

Richard Barrington

With the language and substance of the latest Fed statement little changed from the prior one, expect little change in bank rates.

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