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Holiday Headaches: Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Erik Martin

Online shopping makes it easy to hunt for gifts during the holiday season. But that convenience comes with risks. These include the possibility that you may be swindled by a bad actor or have your identity stolen. That's why it's important to practice safe holiday shopping online.

How to Graduate College Debt-Free (Or Nearly So)

Peter Andrew

The class of 2018 graduated with an average college debt of $29,200 each, according to The Institute for College Access and Success. And things are getting worse. Because the previous year's figure had been $28,650. So is it possible to leave debt-free? Certainly. And even if you can't quite manage that happy state, you should be able to keep your loans well below average. So read on to discover how you can dramatically reduce your educational costs.

Identity Theft Warning Signs

Erik Martin

Don't think identity theft can happen to you? Think again. It's one of the fastest-growing crimes in America. And it can be hard to know if you're a victim. That's why it's important to pay attention to identity theft signs.

How Did Consumers Pay Last Year's Tax Bills?

Gina Pogol

Money-Rates.com surveyed 500 consumers about the results of their 2018 tax preparation. Respondents answered questions about their bottom line. So how do people pay their tax bills? The answers may surprise you.

Take These Steps to Recover Financially From a Hurricane

Rebecca Lake

A hurricane can be disruptive to your finances in several ways. Learn some of the most helpful steps to take in recovering financially from a hurricane or another natural disaster.

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